The Capitol Pressroom en Judith Wellman on The Campbell Conversations <p><font face="Calibri" size="2"><span style="font-size:11pt">What made Upstate New York such a hotspot for the abolitionist and women&rsquo;s rights movements?&nbsp; Was it just geography, or was it something about the people who lived here?&nbsp; Historian Judith <span class="il">Wellman</span>, an expert on the Underground Railroad and the women&rsquo;s rights movement in the 19<font size="1"><span style="font-size:7.3pt"><sup>th</sup></span></font> century, answers this question and offers other stores and information that illuminate this time period and counter some of the stereotypes we Sat, 07 Jan 2012 21:47:21 +0000 Grant Reeher 12405 at Judith Wellman on The Campbell Conversations