Elmira http://wrvo.org en Elmira faces ups and downs of gas business http://wrvo.org/post/elmira-faces-ups-and-downs-gas-business <p>The City of Elmira is just seven miles from the Pennsylvania border. And for four years, the natural gas boom in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier crossed over the border and boosted Elmira’s economy. But that boom has slowed down. Tue, 30 Apr 2013 09:47:00 +0000 Matt Richmond 36333 at http://wrvo.org Elmira faces ups and downs of gas business Storm update: Preliminary findings confirm tornado in Elmira http://wrvo.org/post/storm-update-preliminary-findings-confirm-tornado-elmira <p>After Thursday&#39;s severe thunderstorms, thousands in the Southern Tier and Mid-Hudson regions continue to recover from the heavy winds. The National Weather Service says a tornado caused some of the damage.</p><p> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 20:09:28 +0000 Matt Richmond 23283 at http://wrvo.org