Dan Lamb http://wrvo.org en Anti-fracking candidates didn't fare well http://wrvo.org/post/anti-fracking-candidates-didnt-fare-well <p>Anti-fracking sentiment in the Southern Tier was felt at the polls when candidates opposed to drilling were beaten up and down the ballot Tuesday. Thu, 08 Nov 2012 21:29:14 +0000 Catherine Loper 28838 at http://wrvo.org Hanna victorious in 22nd congressional district http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-victorious-22nd-congressional-district <p>After a final day of intense campaigning, Republican incumbent Richard Hanna won his second term as a New York state congressman last night, beating Democrat challenger Dan Lamb for the seat in the newly redrawn 22nd congressional district. Wed, 07 Nov 2012 06:41:14 +0000 Luke Tubia 28722 at http://wrvo.org Hanna victorious in 22nd congressional district Hanna and Lamb crisscross the 22nd in a last push for votes http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-and-lamb-crisscross-22nd-last-push-votes <p>Congressman Richard Hanna and his opponent Dan Lamb spent election day crisscrossing the 22nd congressional district today asking constituents for their votes.</p><p> Tue, 06 Nov 2012 21:50:21 +0000 Catherine Loper & Ryan Delaney 28703 at http://wrvo.org Interview: Democrat Dan Lamb runs for Congress http://wrvo.org/post/interview-democrat-dan-lamb-runs-congress <p>WRVO News interviews candidates in the region who are running in contended races on November 6. Democrat Dan Lamb is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Richard Hanna in the 22nd congressional district, which experts say is a safe Republican district.</p><p>Lamb is a first-time candidate who was a long-time aide to retiring Rep. Maurice Hinchey.&nbsp; WRVO's Catherine Loper spoke with Lamb about what he brings to the race, fracking and the economy.</p> Wed, 31 Oct 2012 13:07:50 +0000 Catherine Loper 28375 at http://wrvo.org Interview: Democrat Dan Lamb runs for Congress Oneida County Democrats endorse Dan Lamb http://wrvo.org/post/oneida-county-democrats-endorse-dan-lamb <p>Democrat candidate for Congress Dan Lamb was in Utica Friday to accept the endorsement of several Oneida County politicians. The first-time candidate is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Richard Hanna in the redrawn 22nd district, which covers an area including the eastern half of Oswego County south through Binghamton. Mon, 29 Oct 2012 13:45:32 +0000 Catherine Loper 28243 at http://wrvo.org Hanna & Lamb debate who is best for 22nd district http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-lamb-debate-who-best-22nd-district <p>The Rome Area Chamber of Commerce yesterday hosted a debate between the candidates for the new 22nd Congressional district, incumbent Republican Congressman Richard Hanna and Democrat challenger Dan Lamb. The district stretches from the eastern portion of Oswego county down through Binghamton.&nbsp; Fri, 26 Oct 2012 12:57:40 +0000 Ellen Abbott 28145 at http://wrvo.org Hanna-Lamb race takes to the TV airwaves http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-lamb-race-takes-tv-airwaves <p>Congressman Richard Hanna has released his first television ad in his re-election bid. The Republican incumbent is running against Democrat Dan Lamb. Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:00:44 +0000 Catherine Loper 27746 at http://wrvo.org Hanna re-election bid in full swing http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-re-election-bid-full-swing <p>Representative Richard Hanna marked what he called the official kick off to his re-election bid -- opening one of his campaign offices in Utica Wednesday. The one-term Republican has been running for re-election in the newly drawn 22nd congressional district, and in fact has already had one debate with his opponent, Democrat Dan Lamb. Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:21:04 +0000 Catherine Loper 27018 at http://wrvo.org Hanna and Lamb square off in first debate http://wrvo.org/post/hanna-and-lamb-square-first-debate <p>Rep. Richard Hanna (R-Barneveld) and Democrat Dan Lamb sat inside an Elks Lodge in Cortland passing a microphone back and forth for two hours Saturday. It was the first time the two debated in their contest for the newly drawn 22nd Congressional District that stretches from the Southern Tier through central New York. Mon, 01 Oct 2012 14:51:35 +0000 Ryan Delaney 26829 at http://wrvo.org Hanna and Lamb square off in first debate Democrat Dan Lamb is newcomer in 22nd congressional district http://wrvo.org/post/democrat-dan-lamb-newcomer-22nd-congressional-district <p>Dan Lamb is the Democrat candidate running against central New York Congressman Richard Hanna, and he has been introducing himself to voters in the new 22nd congressional district saying that he is just like them. Wed, 12 Sep 2012 10:57:07 +0000 Catherine Loper 25860 at http://wrvo.org Dan Lamb on the Campbell Conversations http://wrvo.org/post/dan-lamb-campbell-conversations <p>Dan Lamb is running for Congress in New York's 22nd Congressional District against incumbent Republican Richard Hanna.</p><p>In this conversation with Grant Reeher, Lamb says Hanna's image as a moderate has been cultivated by positions taken at the margins. The Post-Standard once called him central New York's "man in the middle."</p><p>But Lamb says Hanna should be viewed as a member of the right wing Republican mainstream on the big issues and the big votes.</p><p> Fri, 07 Sep 2012 21:00:26 +0000 Grant Reeher 25673 at http://wrvo.org