budget crisis http://wrvo.org en Governor to push for local government restructuring board http://wrvo.org/post/governor-push-local-government-restructuring-board <p>Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he hopes to soon create a statewide board to help fiscally strapped local governments restructure. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 12:56:36 +0000 Karen DeWitt 36829 at http://wrvo.org Common councilors try to better understand Syracuse's fiscal problems http://wrvo.org/post/common-councilors-try-better-understand-syracuses-fiscal-problems <p>Syracuse common councilors are trying to get a clearer snapshot of the city's fiscal problems. Lawmakers have been holding a series of meetings to try to figure out how the council can take a more proactive approach to dealing with an impending budget implosion.</p><p> Tue, 25 Sep 2012 20:25:53 +0000 Ellen Abbott 26565 at http://wrvo.org