Kathleen Kennedy Townsend http://wrvo.org en Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on the Campbell Conversations http://wrvo.org/post/kathleen-kennedy-townsend-campbell-conversations-0 <p><font face="Calibri" size="2"><span style="font-size:11pt">This year’s presidential election has brought up a host of perplexing questions about the relationship between religion and politics, and the importance of a candidate’s faith. In this week’s edition of the Campbell Conversations, <span class="il">Grant</span> Reeher probes those questions with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy.</span></font></p><p> Mon, 22 Oct 2012 17:39:11 +0000 Grant Reeher 27922 at http://wrvo.org