gun legislation en Valesky says bipartisan coalition was successful <p>Syracuse-area state Senator Dave Valesky says the bipartisan coalition that governs the New York Senate was successful this year.<p>The Independent Democratic Conference is a group comprised of four Independent Democrats and 30 Republicans. Together they control the agenda and the committee process in that chamber of the state legislature. In the beginning, critics complained it would prevent certain progressive agendas from moving forward. Mon, 29 Jul 2013 12:38:40 +0000 Ellen Abbott 41783 at Valesky says bipartisan coalition was successful 10-bullet magazine ban to be postponed <p>State Senate Republicans are confirming that a key provision of New York's recently approved gun control law, the New York SAFE Act, will be postponed. Tue, 26 Mar 2013 13:29:08 +0000 Karen DeWitt 35296 at Bill Fitzpatrick on the Campbell Conversations <p>This week the State legislature passed and the governor signed into law a far-reaching set of prohibitions, restrictions, and tracking mechanisms regarding guns, making New York the first state to change its policies in reaction to the Sandy Hook school shootings.</p><p>In this edition of the Campbell Conversations, Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick discusses how effective some of the provisions could be, some possible problems with their implementation, and which ones might be overturned through subsequent court challenge.</p><p> Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:31:00 +0000 Grant Reeher 32077 at