Stephen Barton en Stephen Barton on the Campbell Conversations <p><font face="Calibri" size="2"><span style="font-size:11pt">Stephen Barton was a top honors student at Syracuse University—he delivered the student commencement address at the university’s graduation exercise last May. He had won a prestigious Fulbright <span class="il">grant</span> to teach English in Russia, but before he could go, he was shot by James Holmes in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 20<font size="1"><span style="font-size:7.3pt"><sup>th</sup></span></font>. The experience led him to join the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. </span></font></p><p> Mon, 04 Mar 2013 16:23:43 +0000 Grant Reeher 34208 at