Marion Nestle en 100% Natural: What's in a name? <p>When it comes to going to the supermarket, <a href="">Dr. Marion Nestle</a> wants you to keep one thing in mind:</p><p>“The purpose of the entire layout of the supermarket is to sell food products. There’s a sales pitch with every single product, every single layout.”</p><p>This week, “Take Care” interviews Nestle, a professor in nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University. She is the author of <a href="">many books on the topic of food labeling, including <em>Food Politics</em></a>, which is currently celebrating its 10<sup>th</sup> anniversary of publication.</p><p><strong>Click "Read More" to hear our interview with Dr. Marion Nestle.</strong></p><p> Sun, 12 May 2013 23:01:58 +0000 Take Care Staff 37605 at 100% Natural: What's in a name?