League of Women's Voters http://wrvo.org en Gov. Cuomo's Moreland Act Commission follows in father's footsteps http://wrvo.org/post/gov-cuomos-moreland-act-commission-follows-fathers-footsteps <p>Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s call for a Moreland Act Commission to investigate the legislature is not the first time a governor created a panel to probe state lawmakers. In fact, Cuomo’s own father did it a quarter century ago, with mixed results.</p><p>When Andrew Cuomo’s father, Mario Cuomo, was governor back in the 1980s, he also called on the powers in the now 100-year-old Moreland Act to appoint a commission to look into government corruption.</p> Wed, 10 Jul 2013 13:15:17 +0000 Karen DeWitt 40833 at http://wrvo.org