Ron Pevny en Conscious eldering - growing old with purpose <p>As Americans are living longer and longer, the question arises – how do you want to live your life in your senior years? This week on “Take Care,” we interview Ron Pevny, a counselor, psychotherapist, and the founder of the Center for Conscious Eldering in Durango, Colorado.</p><p><strong>Click 'Read More' to hear our interview with Ron Pevny.</strong></p><p></p><p>Today, many people may find themselves with two or three decades of life to live after retirement. But how do you make those years “golden,” and not a period of decline? Pevny says the answer lies in “conscious eldering.”</p> Sun, 04 Aug 2013 23:00:00 +0000 Take Care Staff 42051 at Conscious eldering - growing old with purpose