Sculpture en Utica: A home for sculpture, Part 2 <p>You might not think of central New York as a home for world-class sculpture, but it is. &nbsp;Utica&#39;s annualS culpture-Space brings artists from all over, to enjoy the freedom to create all kinds of sculpture.</p><p>Sarah Beck gives us a tour of the city&#39;s sculpture landscape.</p> Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:03:50 +0000 7250 at Utica: A home for sculpture, Part 1 <p>There are well-known communities around the world that embrace sculpture as a community art form. &nbsp;You see it in the photos from places such as Athens and Rome.&nbsp;But many sculptors on this side of the Atlantic recognize a place in Utica as a home for sculpture as well.</p><p>In the first of two stories, WRVO&#39;s&nbsp;Sarah Beck introduces us to Utica&#39;s &quot;Sculpture-Space.&quot;</p><p>Hear Part Two of Sarah&#39;s story Wednesday on WRVO&#39;s Morning Edition.</p> Tue, 04 Oct 2011 10:25:35 +0000 7185 at