Halloween Specials

Join WRVO for some special spooky Halloween programming:

War of the Worlds - The Mercury Theater's classic 1938 adaptation of H. G. Wells's novel The War of the Worlds.  Sunday 10/30 at 9:00pm. Plus join us for other spooky Old Time Radio Programs with Tuned To Yesterday on Sunday 10/30 10:00pm-Midnight.

The Capitol Steps - Politics Takes a Holiday -  The annual Halloween edition of political satire with the Capitol Steps! If something happens in the news, run to the show and see what rhymes with it!  Monday 10/31 9:00pm.

The Scary Plan - A 30 minute compilation of offbeat and quirky ghouls, ghosts, and ghastly stories. Monday 10/31 at 9:30pm.

Unearthing Dracula - Dracula has captured our collective imagination for generations, from Vlad the Impaler to Bela Lugosi to Bram Stoker. But who is the real Dracula? We look at the films, literature, music and art that all attempt to construct the image of this eerie yet elusive character.  Monday 10/31 at 10:00pm

Snap-Judgment is Spooked! - Sometimes, lying in bed in the dead of night, you may get the sense that you are not alone. You tell yourself, “There’s nothing there. There’s nothing there.” But something shapeless and dark and afraid inside of you knows that somebody, or something, is watching.  Monday 10/31 at 11:00pm