WRVO's Weekly Edition - September 24th, 2010

Boston, MA – Some would say that former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was larger than life. But commentator Doug Tribou says Steinbrenner's memorial - unveiled this week at Yankee Stadium - is too big...even for the Boss.

Doug Tribou is filling in this week for Bill Littlefield on NPR's Only a Game, heard Saturday's at 7:00am on WRVO

Oswego, NY – A new poll in the New York race for governor has the pollsters themselves surprised. That story and more in today's newscast.

WRVO – Surprising. Shocking. Amazing.

Those were the reactions to Wednesday's Quinnipiac University poll that shows Democrat Andrew Cuomo holding only a six point lead over Republican Carl Paladino.

In fact, those were the reactions of the pollster.

Quinipiac's Mickey Carroll told reporters that when he first saw the numbers, he asked the staff to check them again.

WRVO – Kevin Williams brings you the morning's weather forecast.

WRVO – This morning's top news stories from the WRVO newsroom.

Oswego, NY – The United States Food and Drug administration has said that the so-called "AquaAdvantage" salmon appear to be the same as wild Atlantic salmon.

The fish are modified with a growth hormone gene that makes them grow quicker and mature earlier than wild salmon.

Dan Bishop says from a pure food-production standpoint, that makes sense.

Oswego, NY – Incumbent State Senator Dave Valesky, who is pursuing re-election in New York's 49th senate district, reflects on his most recent term of service, his efforts at reform, and argues that despite appearances and real problems, the process in Albany has actually improved. He also discusses his leadership role in the senate, and how citizens might best distinguish between Albany writ large and his own efforts there.

Albany, NY – Attendance is up at New York State parks this year, but some parks have experienced setbacks due to proposals that would have closed parks to save the state money.

Eileen Larrabee, spokeswoman for the New York State Office of Parks and Recreation, says increases in overall park attendance this year were driven by favorable summer weather conditions.

Oswego, NY – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is introducing legislation aimed at helping New York dairy farmers. That story and more in today's newscast.

SYRACUSE, NY – Conservatives from around Upstate New York met in Syracuse Monday night to hear likely Presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak. But it was two men who did not speak who drew the real attention.

WRVO's Dave Bullard reports that Rick Lazio and Doug Hoffman have decisions to make, and their decisions could affect the fate of the Conservative Party in the state.

Oswego, NY – This is an archived version of Nature of Things originally aired on September 22nd, 1989.

The appearance of a fall field is described in poetic, yet scientific, detail. The royal purple and golden yellow coloring of flowers and plants are highlighted. Capabilities of the field are also discussed- from the household bouquet to the agricultural significance of the land.

Oswego, NY – A rather pleasant forecast for our last official weekend of summer. Meteorologist Ken McKinley provides details.

Oswego, NY – Onondaga County reports a case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in a horse. And Republican Attorney General candidate Dan Donovan defends his position on abortion. Those stories and more in our newscast.

Syracuse, NY – The luncheon included mayors from Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, and Binghamton. Stephanie Miner, mayor of Syracuse, says it makes sense for the officials to try to bond together to solve common problems.

"Personnel costs. Pension costs. Cuts in aids to municipalities. Dealing with trying to make our education system stronger and better. Vacant properties. You name it, we have it," said Miner.

WRVO's Weekly Edition - September 17, 2010

Boston, MA – The National Football League season is underway, and although it's far too early to discern which teams will be winners, commentator Bill Littlefield has already identified at least one loser.

Bill Littlefield is the host of NPR's Only a Game, heard Saturday's at 7:00am on WRVO.

Oswego, NY – In this extended interview from the September 17 program, WRVO's Jason Smith speaks with SUNY Oswego's Dr. Bruce Altschuler and Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt about New York's primary races.

Albany, NY – Most of the primary election focus was on the state's two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. But two significant events occurred recently that could have lasting impact on two of the state's minor parties, both on the left and right of the political spectrum.

WRVO's Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports.

Oswego, NY – New unemployment numbers are out for New York State. That story and more in today's newscast.

Oswego, NY – Waterdrops, celebrating the wonder of water, with Peter Black. This week, Storm types.

Oswego, NY – The Environmental Protection Agency's final hearing on gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale started today. That story and more in today's newscast.

Fulton – Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman visited Fulton Sunday, one of the last stops in a hectic final week of campaigning for the Republican nomination to run for Congress in the North Country.

WRVO's Dave Bullard was on hand.

WRVO – Drilling in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania has created new jobs and secondary jobs serving those workers. In this final installment in this series about gas drilling, the Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden has a look at those secondary economic effects.

Pennsylvania – New York currently has a moratorium on extracting gas from the Marcellus Shale, but Pennsylvania is drilling, and New York is watching. In the second installment of our series on drilling, we look at what's in store for rural New York State, where years of bad economic news have made natural gas drilling a tempting prospect. The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs has more.

Pennsylvania – The Environmental Protection Agency will hold the final hearing in its review of the natural gas drilling process, called "hydro-fracking" next week, in Binghamton. In advance of the hearing, we're looking at what drilling might hold for New York State. One benefit that officials are eyeing is job creation, and they're looking across the border to Pennsylvania to learn more. For the Innovation Trail, WRVO's Emma Jacobs has the story.

WRVO – The morning weather forecast from meteorologist Kevin Williams.

WRVO – The morning's news headlines from the WRVO newsroom.

Oswego, NY – A rather dreary Sunday for our region. Meteorologist Josh Nichols lets us know when we can expect some clearing.