Tue December 11, 2007
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Unshackle Upstate

Oswego, New York – A coalition of business and trade organizations is working to revitalize the upstate economy.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Tue December 11, 2007
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Election 2008 Conversation

Oswego, NY – WRVO wants to hear from listeners as the 2008 Election Season unfolds.
While the focus now is on the early caucuses and primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, New York State will have its say in February.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski has this "Election


Mon December 10, 2007
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Snow plow operators

Oswego, New York – Highway snow plow operators in one Central New York county are raising safety questions about their job.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Tue December 4, 2007
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Congressman Mike Arcuri returns from trip to Eastern Afirca

Utica, NY – Upstate Congressman Michael Arcuri has returned from a weeklong trip to the troubled Eastern African region.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the house Democrat about the trip, funding for troops in Iraq and the last National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.


Thu November 29, 2007
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Great Lakes and global warming

Oswego, NY – Environmental advocates are working to protect the Great Lakes from climate change and increased water demand from other locations.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Water and Natural Resources Program Associate for Environmental Advocates of New York, Katherine Nadeau.


Thu November 29, 2007
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Northern Choral Society

Oswego, NY – For many, the beginning of the holiday season might start with a shopping trip.

But for the 100 plus member Northern Choral Society in Watertown the good tidings begin this weekend with the annual performance of classic works of the season.

WRVO's Mark Lavonier met with the choral group's director and organist and prepared this audio post-card.


Wed November 28, 2007
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Special Needs Education Funding

Oswego, NY – An Upstate Congressman is seeking additional federal funding to help educate special needs children.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Congressmen Jim Walsh, New York's 25th District Representative.

Walsh gives some history on the "Individuals With Disabilities in Education Act."


Tue November 27, 2007
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SUNY enrollment is on the rise

Oswego, NY – More students seeking higher education are looking into State University of New York colleges.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Tue November 27, 2007

WRVO Election Coverage

WRVO - Oswego, NY – Find the latest news on the campaign front, a schedule of election specials coming up on air, and audio on-demand. All this information is available at the WRVO Election Page.


Mon November 19, 2007
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Emergency Food Funding

Oswego, NY – With Thanksgiving just days away, advocates for the poor are asking state leaders to increase funding for emergency food services.

WRVO's Katherine Harrington has the story.


Fri November 16, 2007
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Oswego, NY – Jasmyn Belcher reports on this organization called ACTS.


Fri November 16, 2007
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Toy Danger

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Chris Ulanowski reports about warnings of hidden dangers in toys.


Thu November 15, 2007
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Schumer calls for action on low water levels

Oswego, New York – U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for immediate action to address low water levels at the Port of Oswego.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher has the story.


Wed November 14, 2007
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Songs of the Spirit

Oswego, NY – World renown progressive trombonist and composer Craig Harris will be in Central New York this evening, leading a group of artists in the interfaith, multicultural concert, "Songs of the Spirit" in Oswego. The tour of seven acts is visiting points across the state to promote tolerance and the connection all people have through the power of music. WRVO's Mark Lavonier spoke with Craig Harris to learn more about the show.


Wed November 14, 2007
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Spitzer Drops in the Polls.

Oswego, NY – A Siena College Poll released on Tuesday shows support for Governor Spitzer is evaporating.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski asked Siena Pollster Steven Greenberg about the findings.


Tue November 13, 2007
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Albany Gridlock

Oswego, NY – Speculation mounts about the fate of Governor Spitzer's licensing plan for undocumented workers. Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt discusses this and other issues with WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Fri November 9, 2007
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Destiny Hotel and Conference Complex

Syracuse, NY – The second phase of what's supposed to become the Destiny USA Retail and Tourism Destination is moving forward.

Developer Robert Congel has unveiled plans for a 450 Million dollar, 1,300 room hotel and convention center that will run on "Green Technology".

Chris Ulanowski interviewed outgoing Onondaga County executive, Nicholas Pirro, about the promise this project holds.

Read more


Mon November 5, 2007
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State lawmaker wants to regulate utilities

Oswego, New York – A Utica-area lawmaker is pushing for legislation aimed at reducing New York State's electricity costs.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Mon November 5, 2007
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Hinckley Reservoir Working Group

Oswego, New York – A task force aimed at monitoring the water levels at the Hinckley Reservoir is expected to meet for the first time.

The group, comprised of several state agencies...including the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, was formed in a response to the recent water crisis in Oneida County that lasted over two weeks.

The Water Authority's Executive Director, Patrick Becher, spoke with WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher.


Fri November 2, 2007
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Cigarette Tax

Oswego, NY – The State Association of convenience stores is sharply critical today of Governor Spitzer's decision to drop plans to collect sales taxes on cigarettes and gasoline sold by Native American merchants to non-Indians.

The decision reneges on Spitzer's campaign promise last year and will result in the loss of an estimated 200 million dollars to the state.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the President of the Convenience Store Association....Jim Calvin.


Tue October 30, 2007
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Governor Spitzer's License Plan

Oswego, NY – Governor Spitzer's Assistant Secretary for Public Safety is making the rounds -- speaking out in favor of his newly revised plan to allow illegal immigrants obtain New York driver's licenses.
Denise O'Donnell spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Fri October 26, 2007
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County Clerks

Oswego, NY – In what might be the sharpest rebuke yet of Governor Spitzer's license plan for illegal immigrants, two Western New York county clerks say they will comply with the Governor's order. But illegal immigrants, who apply for a license at their DMV offices, face the risk of being arrested for violating US immigration law.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to one of the clerks, Erie County's Kathleen Hochul.


Fri October 26, 2007
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License Plan

Oswego, NY – More county clerks across the state say they'll refuse to comply with Governor Spitzer's license plan, which will make it easier for undocumented workers to obtain driver's licenses.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the President of the State County Clerks Association, Kathleen Marchione, about the controversy.


Fri October 26, 2007
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Dealth Penalty

Oswego, NY – Both sides on the death penalty believe the debate over the issue in New York is over now that the state court of appeals refused to consider its 2004 ruling that nullified New York's capital punishment law.

David Kaczynski is the Executive Director of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the death penalty opponent.


Fri October 26, 2007
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Salt Piles up at Port of Oswego

10/26/07 – Visitors to Oswego's Harbor will notice something unusual, huge piles of road salt on both sides of the Oswego River on property owned by the Port Authority of Oswego. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski filed this report.


Thu October 25, 2007
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Peter Sagal Interview

10/24/07 – Peter Sagal's credits include being a playwright, actor, travel writer, essayist, screenwriter and he is most well-known for being host of NPR's "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me."

He's now also the author of a new book, "The Book of Vice. Very Naughty Things (And How To Do Them)." WRVO's Kate Percival had the opportunity to talk with Sagal, and asked him why he chose this particular subject.


Thu October 25, 2007
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Civil rights group applauds Senate

Oswego, New York – A Civil rights organization is commending the state Senate for their efforts to prevent racist acts.

Khalid Bey is a spokesman for the Syracuse Chapter of the National Action Network...he spoke to WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher.


Wed October 24, 2007
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NYS Regents Propose Record Education Funding

Oswego, NY – School aid in New York State could top more than $20 Billion for the first time.
The State Board of Regents is proposing a nearly $2 Billion increase in school aid for the 2008-09 fiscal year.
The Director of a conservative think-tank has some reservations about the spending. E-J McMahon of the Manhattan Institute's Empire Center for New York State Policy spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Mon October 22, 2007
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Doctor ranking system gets a closer look

Oswego, New York – A proposed doctor ranking system is coming under fire from the state Attorney General and a statewide group of physicians.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Fri October 19, 2007
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Onondaga Lake

Syracuse, NY – Onondaga Lake had been labeled one of the most polluted bodies of water in the nation.
But as the Onondaga Lake Partnership holds its annual meeting, officials are expected to report that significant progress has been made to clean up the lake from decades of municipal and industrial pollution.
25th District Congressman Jim Walsh spoke to Chris Ulanowski about the clean up progress.