Wed October 24, 2007
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NYS Regents Propose Record Education Funding

Oswego, NY – School aid in New York State could top more than $20 Billion for the first time.
The State Board of Regents is proposing a nearly $2 Billion increase in school aid for the 2008-09 fiscal year.
The Director of a conservative think-tank has some reservations about the spending. E-J McMahon of the Manhattan Institute's Empire Center for New York State Policy spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Mon October 22, 2007
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Doctor ranking system gets a closer look

Oswego, New York – A proposed doctor ranking system is coming under fire from the state Attorney General and a statewide group of physicians.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Fri October 19, 2007
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Onondaga Lake

Syracuse, NY – Onondaga Lake had been labeled one of the most polluted bodies of water in the nation.
But as the Onondaga Lake Partnership holds its annual meeting, officials are expected to report that significant progress has been made to clean up the lake from decades of municipal and industrial pollution.
25th District Congressman Jim Walsh spoke to Chris Ulanowski about the clean up progress.


Mon October 15, 2007
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World Food Day

Oswego, NY – Hunger advocates in New York State are gearing up for a busy month.
In recognition of World Food Day, events will raise awareness about hunger in the world and New York State. WRVO's Katherine Harrington reports.


Fri October 12, 2007
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State agencies to address water management

Oswego, New York – Several state agencies are working to address water emergency management protocol in response to Oneida County's recent water crisis.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Thu October 11, 2007
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Assembly GOP ramps up opposition against Governor Spitzer

Oswego, NY – New York State Assembly Republicans are stepping up their opposition to Governor Spitzer's executive order that will allow undocumented workers to obtain New York State driver's license.
They unveiled a "County Clerks' Protection Act." WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Assembly Minority leader James Tedisco about the latest development.


Mon October 8, 2007
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Canal system to close early

Oswego, New York – The agency that operates New York State's canal system is closing the navigation season a week earlier than planned because of dry conditions. WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher has more.


Thu October 4, 2007
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Opponents react to Energy Dept. Decision on Transmission Corridors

Oswego, NY – The Bush Administration's decision to designate New York as one of two locations for a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor is coming under fire from New York's elected officials.
The move would pave the way for New York Regional Interconnect's plan to build a high-voltage power line from Utica to the New York City region.
Community groups are also reacting. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Paul Miller -- a member of "Communities Against Regional Interconnect.


Thu October 4, 2007
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AFT endorses Clinton

Oswego, New York – Presidential hopeful Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has gained the support of the American Federation of Teachers and the New York State United Teachers Union.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke to NYSUT President and an AFT Vice President, Richard Iannuzzi about the endorsement.


Wed October 3, 2007
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Governor Spitzer lashes out at his GOP critics

Oswego, NY – In a speech at Fordham University, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer accused Republicans of using what he calls "the politics of fear and selfishness" for criticizing his order to allow illegal immigrants and his support for a popular children's healthcare program.
Here's an excerpt.


Tue October 2, 2007
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Excellus to offer new plan

Oswego, New York – A major upstate health insurer is working to reward its members for taking an active role in their health.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield spokesman, Mark Ruszczyk explains the new "HealthyBlue" plan to WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher.


Thu September 27, 2007
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McHugh supports SCHIP

Oswego, New York – A National policy debate is taking place over a popular healthcare program for children.

Many Democrats and Republicans alike are pitted against President Bush over funding for the State Children's Healthcare Program or SCHIP.

Northern New York Congressman John McHugh is a supporter is he explains to WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher.


Wed September 26, 2007
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Joanie Mahoney Declares Victory

Syracuse, NY – Joanie Mahoney has declared victory in the Republican race for Onondaga County Executive.
A recount and a count of absentee and military ballots gave Mahoney a 21 vote advantage over fellow Republican Dale Sweetland.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the G-O-P
candidate about her win.


Thu September 20, 2007
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SUNY Upstate to expand

Oswego, New York – SUNY's Upstate Medical University is planning a major expansion.

Upstate officials are proposing a $510 million dollar project that would expand the academic medical center by increasing research facilities, academic space and student housing.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Upstate's President, Dr. David Smith.


Thu September 20, 2007
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The "Jena Six"

Oswego, New York – New Yorkers are being asked to show solidarity with the "Jena Six." They're the six African American teenagers charged with attacking a white classmate following a racial incident at their school in Lasalle...Parish louisiana.

Khalid Bey is a spokesman for the Syracuse Chapter of the National Action Network. He discussed the "Jena Six" case with WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Tue September 18, 2007
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Troopergate investigation continues

Oswego, New York – A State Senate Committee investigating the so-called "Troopergate scandal" is gearing up to meet for another public hearing.

Republican George Winner of Elmira is the committee's Chairman. He spoke to WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher about the widening probe.


Mon September 17, 2007
The WRVO Playhouse

Playhouse for 9/17

The rundown for Monday's playhouse on the WRVO Stations

Oswego, NY – 1010 Chandu the Magician: In the Pyramid with Nadji, 7/15/48, MBS

1030 Suspense: Green Idol, Parker Fennelly, 9/17/61, CBS

1100 Mr. And Mrs. North: Operation Murder, 9/17/54, AFRS

1130 Line-Up: Bill Johnstone, 9/17/52, CBS


Mon September 17, 2007
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NYSBA works to reform local courts

Oswego, New York – The New York State Bar Association is working to reform local municipal courts.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with State Bar Association President, Kathryn Madigan.

Madigan testified at a public hearing called by the Special Commission of the Future of the Courts last week, and explains her efforts.


Mon September 17, 2007
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"I Live NY" Summit

Oswego, New York – About 500 people are expected to attend the "I Live NY" summit in discuss ways to keep young professionals from leaving the upstate region for better job opportunities elsewhere in the nation.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with New York's first lady...Silda Wall Spitzer...who is hosting the conference.

Wall Spitzer explains what she hopes to achieve from the summit.


Wed September 12, 2007
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Walsh changes stance on war

Oswego, New York – An Upstate Congressman, previously in favor of the war, says he now supports a withdrawal of American troops.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Congressman Jim Walsh, New York's 25th Congressional District Representative.


Mon September 10, 2007
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Medical marijuana

Oswego, New York – As the State Legislature gears up to return to session, a marijuana policy reform organization is stepping up efforts...urging state senators to pass a medical marijuana bill.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with the Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, Bruce Mirken.


Thu September 6, 2007
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Working artists to receive state aid

Oswego, New York – Under a new law...working artists in Central New York could receive some financial help from the state.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Development Director of the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, Leo Crandall.


Thu September 6, 2007
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SU's Newhouse gets new building

Oswego, New York – Plans are being finalized for the dedication of a third building of Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Thu August 23, 2007
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Advocates push for updated abortion laws

Oswego, New York – The National Organization for Women in New York State is working to update the state's abortion laws.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with NOW-NYS President, Marcia Pappas.


Thu August 23, 2007
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Great New York State Fair

Syracuse, NY – The 161st Great New York State fair opened Thursday. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Fair Director Dan O'Hara about the latest edition.


Wed August 22, 2007
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Smoke-free in Madison County

Oswego, New York – Some Anti-smoking groups are working to make Madison County smoke-free. WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Tue August 14, 2007
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Alzheimer's Disease in CNY

Oswego, New York – New Census data shows that the number of Central New Yorkers living with Alzheimer's Disease has increased.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Jared Paventi of the Alzheimer's Association, Central New York Chapter.


Tue August 14, 2007
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Sweetland unveils ethics plan

Oswego, New York – A candidate running for Onondaga County Executive is making ethics a priority issue. WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports.


Thu August 9, 2007
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Insurance industry prepares for pandemic

Oswego, New York – State insurance companies are being asked to participate in a national plan...aimed at preparing the insurance industry for a potential flu-pandemic.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Deputy Superintendent of the State Insurance Department...Louis Pietroluongo about the exercise and why it's important for insurance companies to participate.


Wed August 8, 2007
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Gov. Spitzer's Speech

August 8th, 2007 – New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on Tuesday delivered a speech at the Chautaugua Institution about U-S Foreign Policy and the fight against global terrorism.

He tied the theme to his own struggle over the scandal involving attempts by his top aides to politically embarrass Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno about the G-O-P leader's political travel.

We have the entire speech. Chautaugua Institution President Tom Becker introduces Governor Spitzer...