Mon May 22, 2006
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New York Regional Interconnect Line Sparks Controversy

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports on New York Regional Interconnects plan to build a high voltage power line that would stretch from Utica, South to Orange County.


Mon May 22, 2006
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Destiny Critic Speaks Out

Syracuse, NY – For the first time since agreement was reached on the expansion of the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse, one of the leading critics of Pyramid Companies founder Robert Congel is publically speaking out against last week's proposed deal.
State Senator John Defrancisco has long criticized Congel and is proposal to build what's supposed to be the Destiny USA mega-mall project for lacking specifics.
The state lawmaker says nothing has changed. He spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Fri May 19, 2006
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Figure Drawing Enjoys Revival

Syracuse, NY – Figurative drawing has experienced a bit of a decline in recent years as more artists turned to abstract art and computer-generated art. Syracuse University Professor of Studio Art, Jerome Whitkin , figure drawing is making a comeback. He spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Fri May 19, 2006
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"Utica's "Chicken Riggies."

Utica, NY – As Memorial Day and the traditional beginning of the summer travel season draw near, New Yorkers will be taking to the road.
Along the way, Empire State travelers will be able to eat their way across the state, sampling regional cuisines from Buffalo wings to Coney Island hot dogs.
Freelance reporter David Hollis previews a local food favorite and the festival this weekend that celebrates it.


Thu May 11, 2006
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Oswego Library Renovation

Oswego, NY – The historic Oswego City Library is undergoing an 8-and-a-half million dollar renovation. Although completion is over a year away a new campaign is hoping to raise money for the building....while at the same time restoring a sense of pride to the community.
WRVO's Richard Annal prepared this report..


Fri May 5, 2006
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Last Minute Decisions On Medicare Drug Plan

Oswego, NY – With the May 15th deadline looming to sign up for the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, the Onondaga County Office for the Aging has been inundated with inquiries from seniors. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the office's Joanne Spoto-Decker.


Thu May 4, 2006
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Syracuse Christian Film Festival

Oswego, NY – 12 different films with a christian theme will be shown during a Christian Film Festival held in Syracuse, NY. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski reports.


Wed May 3, 2006
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"Cover the Uninsured Week"

Oswego, NY – Bishop James Moynihan joined with thousands of other faith-based leaders this week to call for better insurance coverage for the nation's poorest citizens.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke to the Vice President of Fidelis Health Care, Peter Avvento, about "Cover the Uninsured Week".


Tue May 2, 2006
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New Program Aims to Improve Mental Health Treatment for Kids

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to St. Joseph's hospital's Mary Bishop about a new program that trains pediatricians to look for signs of mental illness in children... and how to help parents seek treatment.


Thu April 27, 2006
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Syracuse Schools Go Green

Syracuse, NY – A new program teaches young children the importance of recycling.

WRVO's Richard Annal reports.


Tue April 25, 2006
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"Kingdom Come" - Author Tim Green's Latest Novel

Oswego, NY – Author Tim Green has written a new novel. It's titled "Kingdom Come." The plot of the thriller has a striking resemblence to people and events right here in Central New York. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the novelist, former NFL player, lawyer and broadcast commentator.


Tue April 25, 2006
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Municipal Power Proposed for Syracuse

Oswego, NY – Public power is affordable and would lead to lower energy costs for Syracuse residents. That's according to advocates of municipal power. They have presented Syracuse City Hall a petition with more than 1,500 signatures from people who want the city to create a public power utility. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke with one of the organizers of the Central New York Power Coalition, Howie Hawkins.


Fri April 21, 2006
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Local Company Fine Tunes "Word Of Mouth" Marketing

Syracuse, NY – A local company, Echopinion, is one of only a handful nationwide who help companies develop "Word of Mouth" marketing campaigns.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke with company founder Bill Mosher.


Fri April 21, 2006
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Eco-Expo at Syracuse Zoo

Syracuse, NY – Syracuse's Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnett Park will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd with a series of activities aimed at educating children and adults about environmental awareness. WRVO's Mark Lavonier spoke with education director Tara Lafferty and prepared this report.

Zoo contact info:
(315) 435-8511


Tue April 18, 2006
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Emergency Room Call to Action

Oswego, NY – The Healthcare Association of New York State has launched a statewide media campaign calling for the reversal of Governor Pataki's veto of $1.3 billion dollars in health care funding in the new state budget. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the group's spokesman William Van Slyke about the issue.


Tue April 11, 2006
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Tom Souzzi runs for Governor in New York

Oswego, NY – Nassau County Executive Tom Souzzi is seeking the Democratic Party Nomination to run for Governor of New York this November.
He is challenging front-runner New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for the party nod. Souzzi says, unlike his opponent, he is proposing specific plans to correct New York's fiscal problems and provide New Yorkers with tax relief.
He spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski about his proposals and other issues in the hotly contested Governor's race.


Fri April 7, 2006
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Syracuse Poster Project

Oswego, NY – An annual initiative to spruce up downtown Syracuse with artwork is underway once again. Visitors will see posters featuring illustrated poems about the city and surrounding areas. Jim Emmins is founder and coordinator of the Syracuse Poster Project. He explained the project o WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Fri April 7, 2006
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New York State's Public Library System Receives Big Funding Boost

Oswego, NY – New York State's public library system received a big boost in the State Legislature approved budget.
Lawmakers okayed almost 20-million dollars in library aid.
Michael Borgess is the Executive Director of the New York Library Association. He explained the significance of the state funding increase to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Wed April 5, 2006
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Syracuse International Film Festival

Syracuse University – It may not be Hollywood, but for more than four days this week, many folks in Central New York will focus on film.
The Syracuse International Film and Video Festival opens its third annual run April 6th, bringing numerous movies, movemakers and film fans together.
But the festival is more than a great opportunity to see films that otherwise may never make it to a Syracuse screen. It's also a chance to learn. Freelance reporter David Hollis has this festival preview.


Thu March 23, 2006
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Oneida Indian Nation Settles Tax Dispute

Oswego, NY – The agreement that settles a 20-year tax dispute between the City of Oneida and the Oneida Indian Nation will likely have a deeper effect on other communities seeking to resolve similar disputes and help settle long standing Indian land claims in New York.
Robert Odawi Porter is Director of the Center for Indigenous Law, Governance and Citizenship at Syracuse University. He spoke to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Thu March 23, 2006
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Hoffmann Makes a Comeback

Oswego, NY – Former State Senator Nancy Lorraine Hoffmann is returning to politics. This time, she has her sights on a statewide office. Yesterday, the republican announced she is seeking the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Cortland State political science professor about Hoffmann's candidacy.


Mon March 20, 2006
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Upstate NY Congressional Races - Analysis

Oswego, NY – New York State Senator Ray Meirer has called news conferences in Utica and Binghamton today where he's expected to announce his future plans. Utica and Binghamton are the two largest cities in the sprawling 24th Congressional district.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke about a likely Meirer's candidacy and the contests for two other Upstate Congressional districts with State University College at Oswego political science professor Bruce Altschuler.


Wed March 15, 2006
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State of Lake Ontario Report

Oswego, NY – Lake Ontario stake-holders are being briefed on the state of the big lake. State and federal fisheries biologists are explaining their findings at meetings in Lake Ontario Communities.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Department of Environmental Conservation Region 7 Fishery Manager Dan Bishop about the report's findings.


Mon March 13, 2006
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New York Catholics Lobby for Education Tax Credit

Oswego, NY – New York Catholics gather in Albany Tuesday for their annual public policy forum. Topping the agenda is an education tax credit proposed by Governor Pataki.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Dennis Poust of the New York Catholic Conference.


Mon March 13, 2006
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Colgate University Assists Afghani Higher Education

Hamilton, NY –
Riots in response to to cartoons in European newspapers that followers of Islam say are blasphemous of the prophet Muhammand fill the streets in the Muslim world.

But even as such hositilty continues one Central New York college is taking steps to improve higher education in developing countries .something that might break the cycle in the future.

Freelance reporter David Hollis reports.


Mon March 6, 2006
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Ex-Destiny USA Workers Push for Deal

Oswego, NY – They were let go of their high-paying jobs working for Destiny USA about two months ago, but they still haven't given up on the multi-billion dollar retail, resort and tourism complex proposed for Syracuse. But the project remains stalled over a tax agreement. some of those former Destiny workers will out in front of Syracuse City Hall this week to make their concerns known.
WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to one of the organizers, John Ramsden, of "Citizens for Economic Development for Central New York"


Fri March 3, 2006
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Eliot Spitzer Interview

Oswego, NY – New York State Attorney General and front-runner for Governor Eliot Spitzer spoke on WRVO's Morning Edition about his plan to revive the Upstate NY economy. He also answered a question about reinstating New York's death penalty in the wake of the death of two Upstate NY law enforcement agents.


Wed March 1, 2006
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WRVO's Then & Now

Oswego, NY – WRVO Stations presents this edition of "Then & Now."


Wed March 1, 2006
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Muslim Solidarity

Oswego, NY – A group of Central New York organizations is concerned about the treatment of local Muslims since the 9-11 attacks. They came together to form the "The Central New York Bill of Rights Defense Campaign" to show solidarity with local Muslims, Arabs and South Asians.
The American Friends Service Committee is one of the organizations. Area Director Chrissie Rizzo explains to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski how the group came about and its aim.


Wed March 1, 2006
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