Tue October 19, 2004
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Wells Alums Protest

Oswego, NY – Opposition is mounting against the Wells College Board of Trustees' decision two weeks ago to accept male students. In recent years, enrollment at the 136-year-old women's college has declined. Almost 100 members of the school's Alumnae Association met last weekend to discuss the board's decision. WRVO's Skye Rohde spoke with Judy Scott, class of '67, who was at the meeting.


Mon October 18, 2004
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Dhafir Trial

Jamesville, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Chris Ulanowski about her jailhouse interview with Dr. Rafil Dhafir.

Dhafir is the Manlius oncologist accused of illegally sending money to Iraq through a phony charity.


Thu October 14, 2004
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Music Journeys

Syracuse, NY – Students in the Syracuse schools are taking a closer look at innovative music thanks to Music Journeys. This foundation supports new and different ideas in arts education and concerts in Central New York. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report about guitarist Dominic Frasca and composer Marc Mellits, who visited a few Syracuse schools this week as part of their work with Music Journeys.


Wed October 13, 2004
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Catholic Vote

Syracuse, NY – A group of Catholic Bishops has taken an active role in the Presidential election. Although short of an explicit endorsement, they are encouraging Catholics to vote for President Bush because of his opposition to abortion.
New York's Catholic Bishops have stayed on the sidelines. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski asked New York Catholic Conference spokesman Dennis Poust why.


Mon October 11, 2004
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Syracuse Sting

Syracuse, NY – Syracuse's professional women's football team, the Sting, is nearing the end of its fourth season. It's been a "rebuilding year" for the Sting, with coaching changes, hours on the road for away games and new players to train. WRVO's Skye Rohde spent time with the team and has this report about game day.


Fri October 8, 2004

Nader Campaigns in Upstate NY

Albany, NY – Ralph Nader brought his Presidential campaign to Upstate NY on Thursday with stops in Albany, Syracuse and Albany.
At the State Capital, Nader urged his supporters to vote their conscience and back him on election day. Karen DeWitt has the story.


Thu October 7, 2004
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Response to a Coeducational Wells College

Aurora, NY – Scores of students at Wells College have been protesting all week against the Board of Trustees' decision to admit male students next fall. The impasse between administration and students shows no sign of resolution, but its repercussions are surfacing. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report on the response to the school's decision.


Thu September 30, 2004
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Ithaca Hours

Ithaca, NY – In many of Ithaca's stores, there are two ways to pay for purchases. You can use U.S. dollars, or you can pay in Ithaca Hours. This local currency has been part of the city's economy for 13 years. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report about Ithaca Hours and whether such a system could work in other parts of the region.


Tue September 21, 2004
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Project Vote Smart

Syracuse, NY – Non-partisan Project Vote Smart expands voters' understanding of candidates and issues in Congressional and State Legislative political campaigns for public office. Project Vote Smart's Senior Advisor Adelaide Elms explains to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski that the organization goes well beyond what the news media can offer.


Tue September 21, 2004
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On the Trail

Oswego, NY – Al Lepage has been on the road for eight and a half weeks.

Actually, Lepage has been on the trail for eight and a half weeks.

As the executive director of the National Cost Trail Association, he's been hiking, biking, and kayaking across the Northeast to drum up support for a national system of nature trails.

He stopped in Oswego and spoke with WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Fri September 17, 2004
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Chinese School and Ethnic Identity

Manlius, NY – These days, Chinese school is more than just a place to fine-tune language skills. More and more non-Chinese parents are sending their adopted Chinese-born children there, and sometimes taking classes themselves. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report about the role of the Central New York Chinese School in establishing an ethnic identity for adoptive families.


Mon September 13, 2004
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Freecycling in CNY

Oswego, NY – Remember that phrase "one person's trash is another person's treasure"? Hundreds of people in Central New York are taking it literally. They're freecyclers, people that give and take all kinds of items by way of an internet bulletin board. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report about the rising popularity of freecycling in our region.


Thu September 9, 2004
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Memories of a War Time Romance

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Wed September 8, 2004
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Cochlear Implants

Syracuse, NY – The cochlear implant was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 20 years ago. Since then, it has helped thousands of deaf people obtain -- or regain -- some level of hearing. But as with any successful technology, there's always room for improvement. WRVO's Skye Rohde reports on how scientists in Syracuse are working to make cochlear implants even better.


Tue August 31, 2004
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George Pataki - Analysis

Cortland, NY – Governor Pataki delivers a primetime speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention to introduce George Bush as accepts his party's nomination for President.
Pataki is said to have his own presidential aspirations and his speech will no doubt enhance his prestige.
But whether it thrusts Pataki toward the White House in 2008 is doubtful, according to Cortland State political science professor Robert Spitzer, as he explains to WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.


Mon August 30, 2004
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Study Abroad - Utica College

Utica , NY – Many college students say their trips abroad are among their most memorable learning experiences, as they live and study with people from different cultures. Earlier this summer, a group from Utica College had such an opportunity. They spent three-weeks in a part of the world few Americans know much about, getting to know the people and their ancestors.
Journalism professor David Chanatry traveled with the group and has this report.


Fri August 27, 2004
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Was New York Ever a "Swing State"?

Oswego, NY – This presidental election year, the media and the candidates have been focusing on so-called "swing states."

As WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports, it's been a long time since New York has swayed the electoral vote... but that doesn't mean the candidates should gloss over their time in the Empire State.


Thu August 26, 2004
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Lacrosse Stick Maker

Onondaga Nation Territory – These days, most American lacrosse players use mass-produced metal sticks with plastic heads. But back when the Iroquois first created the game, they made their sticks out of wood, strings of raw cowhide and leather. Only a few stickmakers carry on this tradition today. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this profile of Alf Jacques, an Onondaga man who is one of them.


Wed August 25, 2004
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Butter Sculpting

Syracuse, NY – Imagine taking 800 pounds of butter and sculpting it into a piece of art or at least an attraction that draws thousands of visitors. Butter sculptures have been regular exhibits at state fairs here in New York and in other dairy-producing states for decades.
But there's something different that will set this year's butter sculpture at the Great New York State Fair apart from all the rest. Jeremy Hanlon reports.


Wed August 18, 2004
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Female Rabbi Leads CNY Synagogue

Oswego, NY – The first female rabbi in the United States was ordained in 1972. But it was only last month that the first woman was hired to lead a Jewish congregation in the Central New York area. WRVO's Skye Rohde spoke with Rabbi Rachel Ain, who is now at Congregation Beth Sholom Chevra-Shas in DeWitt.


Thu August 12, 2004
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Business Leaders Critical of State Budget Process

Albany, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen talks about the latest state budget in history with the Business Council's Matt Maguire.


Wed August 11, 2004
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Nuclear Security Controversy

Oswego, NY – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced late last week it would no longer make plants' security information available to the public, the press, and even some local officials.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports on how that decision is being received by nuclear watchdogs and local emergency management workers.


Fri August 6, 2004
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Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter

Oswego, NY – Some saw it as an opportunity. Others felt it was a prison. Almost a thousand refugees came to the United States from Italy in 1944. They stayed for a year-and-a-half at a former Army camp in Oswego as "guests" of President Franklin Roosevelt. WRVO's Skye Rohde has this report about the experiences of some of the residents of the Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter.


Wed June 16, 2004
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Homebound Kids Benefit from Distance Learning

Mexico, NY – A new program in the Mexico School District allows seriously ill children to learn from home using innovative new technology.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports.

(Technical assistance for this report was provided by Jon Peck.)


Tue June 15, 2004
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Red and Blue States - Fact or Myth

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Mon June 14, 2004
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NYS School Funding Impasse

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Fri June 11, 2004
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Possible Teen Curfew in Syracuse

Syracuse, NY – Syracuse is still considering implementing a curfew for those under 18.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski interviewed Councilor Jeff DeFrancisco about his proposal.

The proposal will likely be voted on later this month.


Fri June 4, 2004
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Constellation Seeks Nine Mile License Renewal

Oswego, NY – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is deciding whether or not to renew the licenses of the Nine Mile One and Two nuclear power plants.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen has an update.


Fri June 4, 2004
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Feature Interview: John Sheehan

Oswego, NY – When people think of water in the Adirondacks, they envision clear lakes and flowing rivers. But some towns in the park are finding their drinking water isn't quite that pure. Earlier this week, an environmental group called the Adirondack Council proposed a constitutional amendment to let communities in the park drill wells to access clean water. John Sheehan is the group's communications director. He told WRVO's Skye Rohde that communities like Raquette Lake face serious problems with the water in their reservoirs.


Wed June 2, 2004
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CNY College names Counter-Terrorism Coordinator

Syracuse, NY – Onondaga Community College near Syracuse, N.Y. is positioned to become a national leader when it comes to counter-terrorism training. That from the new coordinator of O-C-C's Public Safety Center.
Tom Creamer was introduced to the community yesterday. He later led a seminar attended by more than 300 public safety professionals. Creamer is considered an international expert in counter-terrorism and detection of weapons of mass destruction. He spoke with WRVO's Chris Ulanowski.