Fri August 29, 2003
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New York State Fair

Syracuse, NY – The New York State Fair has highlighted agriculture since its opening in 1842. But it's also a chance for New Yorkers to learn more about the process of working with one's hands, as well as the results. A handful of craftsmen are at the fairgrounds this year to educate visitors about the tools they use and the work they do.


Tue August 26, 2003
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Manufacturing in Central New York Takes a Hit

Syracuse, NY – Upstate New York used to be a busy hub of manufacturing.

Now, factories seem to be closing everday.

Over 1500 jobs were eliminated in Central New York alone in the past six months. Companies like Nestle, Sonoco, and Marsellus Casket are moving operations out of Central New York ... to places where muscle labor is cheaper.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen takes a look at what seems to be a dying sector of the Upstate economy.


Tue August 26, 2003
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Who Needs a College Degree?

Syracuse, NY – WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Syracuse University professor Bill Coplin, the author of "Ten Things Employers Want You to Learn in College."


Fri August 22, 2003
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Interview with DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe

Syracuse, NY – Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe was in Syracuse recently, drumming up support from local party leaders.

He took time out to speak with WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen.


Thu August 21, 2003
Arts & Culture

Profile of a Pianist

Skaneateles, NY – The Skaneateles Festival has showcased chamber musicians from around the world for 24 years. Around 7,000 people each year attend the festival, which takes place Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through the month of August. WRVO's Skye Rohde spent some time last week with pianist Andrew Russo, a Syracuse native.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Interview with Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll

Syracuse, NY – A new seven story retail and residential complex will soon be erected on South Salina Street in Syracuse.

It will feature shops and upscale condos.

The new building will also allow Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield to remain in Syracuse, preserving over a thousand precious jobs in the region.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll about the project.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Walsh to Carrier: Stay or Lose Tax Incentives

Syracuse, NY – Congressman James Walsh made headlines recently when he gave Syracuse-based Carrier Corporation an ultimatum: Stay in Syracuse or risk losing federal tax incentives.

He spoke to WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen about his comments.


Thu August 14, 2003
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Giving Students a Voice on the School Board

New York, NY – A new state law gives school districts the option of electing a non-voting student member to their school boards.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen speaks to Assembly Education Committee chairman Steven Sanders about how students are getting a voice in how their schools are run.


Fri August 8, 2003
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Oneida/Colgate Archaeological Dig

Stockbridge, NY – A group of Central New York teenagers is working to unearth Native American artifacts in Stockbridge this week. The archaeological dig on Oneida Nation homelands is part of an ongoing partnership between Colgate University and the Oneida Nation that aims to educate Native American teens about their heritage while preserving traditional artifacts.


Mon August 4, 2003
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Tart Cherry Crop

Williamson, NY – Upstate New York's cherry growers are reeling from the effects of last April's ice storm. As they near the end of the tart cherry harvest, they're gathering a fraction of their usual crop. And the decrease in production is raising questions abut the future of the state's cherry industry.


Sun August 3, 2003
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Feature Interview - Post War Iraq

Syracuse, NY – There has been much debate about whether the Iraqi people are better off now that Saddam Hussein has been removed from power.

Human rights activist Ed Kinane was in Baghdad during the war with "Voices in The Wilderness."

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen spoke to Kinane about his perception of post-war Iraq.

Click on the Real Media icon to hear the full interview.


Thu July 31, 2003
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Helping Older Drivers Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Syracuse, NY – Two high profile accidents involving older drivers in California and Florida have prompted local officials to take action.

The "Project Safe Roads" program aims to help elderly people stay safe behind the wheel.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports.

Click on the Real Media icon to hear the story.


Wed July 30, 2003
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Sea Grant

Oswego, NY – A handful of science teachers and college students are ready to take their new knowledge about the Great Lakes back to the classroom this fall. They spent a week this summer aboard the Lake Guardian, a research vessel operated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The group stopped in Oswego to explore the sand dunes of Lake Ontario's eastern shore and the Salmon River Fish Hatchery.


Fri July 18, 2003
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The Media Unit

Syracuse, NY – Twenty-seven years in the business has taught past and present members of The Media Unit all about the art of performance. Alternating as actors, dancers, choreographers, scriptwriters and stage managers, the young adults in the Syracuse-based performance troupe work to balance hope, humor and honesty in their shows. WRVO's Skye Rohde reports.


Thu July 10, 2003
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Fresh Air Fund

Oswego, NY – The Fresh Air Fund is a 126-year-old program that brings low-income children from New York City, ages 6 to 18, to suburbs and small towns across the northeast during the summer. Over 5,000 children each year stay with volunteer host families from Virginia to Maine and up into Canada. Another 3,000 attend Fresh Air camps in Fishkill, New York. WRVO's Skye Rohde was there when the Fresh Air Fund bus pulled into Oswego earlier this week.


Thu July 3, 2003
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Soldier's Story

Oswego, NY – Korean War Veteran Paul Spottek of Victory, Cayuga County crafted a homespun C-D to remind us this Fourth of July why the "Soldier" is so important to our freedom and independence.


Thu July 3, 2003
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Oswego County Fair

Sandy Creek, NY – The 146th annual Oswego County Fair is taking place in Sandy Creek this week. Officials predict that more than 20,000 visitors will come to the fair, which is open through Saturday evening. WRVO's Skye Rohde stopped by the fair earlier this week and has this sound portrait.


Tue July 1, 2003
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Alpaca Farms

Croghan, NY – Alpacas are common in the high plains of Peru, Chile and Bolivia, where people have created clothing out of their fleece and used their dung as fuel for centuries. Alpacas, cousins of llamas, haven't even been in the U.S. 20 years. But these docile, fuzzy ET-lookalikes -- five feet from head to toe -- are an increasingly popular choice of livestock for both established and brand-new small-scale farmers.


Wed June 25, 2003
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Finding a New Job in Central New York

Mexico, NY – With the state of the state's economy, finding a job in Upstate New York isn't easy.

WRVO's Elziabeth Christensen talked to some current job seekers about their experiences and about the tools they've used to search for employment.


Thu June 19, 2003
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Health Care Worker Shortage

Oswego, NY – The health care worker shortage is just as apparent in central and northern New York as it is elsewhere across the nation. But upstate community hospitals face the added challenge of competing with top-of-the-line urban facilities to entice doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians to work with them. WRVO's Skye Rohde reports on the different ways hospitals are addressing the shortage.


Tue June 10, 2003
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Tax Breaks for DestiNY USA?

Oswego, NY – The fate of DestiNY USA could be decided in the next few days. The developer of the $2.2 billion project is seeking a multi-million dollar tax break from the state, but one house of the Legislature is unlikely to endorse the measure. The Senate's refusal to consider it is primarily due to opposition from Syracuse-area state senator John DeFrancisco. He tells WRVO's Chris Ulanowski that it's still unclear exactly what the developer wants to build.


Mon June 9, 2003
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Interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer

Oswego, NY – Mosses are the most primitive of all land plants. Rarely more than an inch tall, they're considered the "amphibians" of the plant world.

Robin Wall Kimmerer, a professor at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, has looked at mosses through a hand-lens for more than 30 years. In her new book "Gathering Moss," she blends scientific description with her indigenous heritage to understand the role mosses play in their environment.


Fri May 30, 2003
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Green Buildings in Central New York

Syracuse, NY – As interest in environmentally friendly building techniques increases across the country, solar panels, low-flow toilets and south-facing windows are becoming more common. New York City, Albany and Buffalo are already moving ahead with numerous "green" projects. And proponents say central New York is poised to become the green building capital of the country. WRVO's Skye Rohde reports.


Thu May 15, 2003
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Oswego, NY – Consumers have turned more and more in recent years to naturally grown herbal products to supplement their diets. Now there's a push to grow nutraceutical crops in New York state. And the growers have the attention of a group of state legislators who want to learn whether crops like echinacea, ginseng and black currant can thrive -- and sell -- in the Empire State. WRVO's Skye Rohde has more.


Tue May 6, 2003
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Jamelske Case Update

Syracuse, NY – Last week, when the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office released photos of John Jamelske, they hoped it might trigger more victims to come forward.

As yet, none have.

Jamelske, 67, is accused of kidnapping, imprisoning, and raping at least 5 women.

The Dewitt man would often target homeless women or runaways, abduct them, and keep them imprisoned as his sex slaves in a room he'd built in his basment.


Tue May 6, 2003
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Pataki Courts Dems

Albany, NY – Governor George Pataki is looking for allies in odd places.

The Republican is courting some Assembly Democrats.

WRVO's Joshua Hurwit reports.


Tue May 6, 2003
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Officials Find No Problems During Nuke Drill

Oswego, NY – A weekend drill tested first responders on their ability to react to a major nuclear emergency at Nine Mile Point.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen reports that no major flaws were found with the local emergency response plan.


Tue May 6, 2003
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Utica Police Warn of Drive By Bombing

Utica, NY – Authorities in the Utica area are looking for the men who threw a homemade bomb out of a moving car.

The men were driving a dark, late-model car, possibly a Mazda. Police think the four suspects are in their late teens or early 20s.

Witnesses say the driver threw what looked like a plastic soda bottle out of the car. The bottle contained about an inch of liquid and an aluminum-foil like substance.

The device exploded, injuring three police officers.

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Tue April 29, 2003
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Syracuse Task Force Aims to Curb Summertime Violence

Syracuse, NY – A Task Force report is due out by the end of the week with recommendations to help curb violence in the city of Syracuse.

Last year was one of the most deadly on record. 25 homicides were reported. 15 occured during the summer.

Syracuse officials are hoping to avoid that level of violence this year.

It's unclear what funding may be available for anti-violence programs, however. The city is facing it's worst fiscal crisis in decades.

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Tue April 29, 2003
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Latest on the State Budget Battle

Albany, NY – The state legislature has approved a $1.5 billion stop gap spending bill to allow the government to keep operating until May 4th.

The bill does not, however, contain the standard school aid payments that are awarded to districts on May 1st.

The legislature has a tentative agreement that would raise tuition at SUNY schools by around $950 per year. If signed by the Governor, it would be the first tuition increase for SUNY since 1995.

State lawmakers told Governor Pataki they won't cut member items.

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