Tue September 4, 2012
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High Blood Pressure: Often Recognized, But Still Poorly Controlled

Knowing your blood pressure is just the beginning.

After decades of encouragement, Americans are getting their blood pressure checked more often.

And there's a little more good news, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most adults with high blood pressure are being treated these days.

But, and you knew there had to be a but, more than half of all Americans with hypertension — about 36 million people, all told — still haven't got it under control.

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Title:                Program Operations Manager
Division:          Programming
Reports to:      Director of Program Support

Position summary:The Program Operations Manager (POM) will be responsible for all aspects of program system operation.  The POM will schedule board operators and work closely with engineering and traffic departments to maintain reliable program streams consistent with program and underwriting contracts.  The POM will serve as an on-air host and will voice-track underwriting credits and other continuity and will participate in station events and other activities as requested by the Director of Program Support.

Title:                Member Services Manager
Division:          Management
Reports to:      General Manager

Position summary:The Member Services Manager (MSM) is the first point of contact for all functions related to membership.  This position is responsible for operating and maintaining the Allegiance membership database, receiving and tracking revenues, preparing and mailing renewal reminders. The MSM will host occasional functions, will work directly with event coordinators to plan and stage events. MSM will participate in underwriting sales meetings as a member of the planning team and will be responsible for accounts receivable billing from underwriting and membership activities. 


Tue September 4, 2012
Author Interviews

An Individualist Approach To The Hebrew Bible

Hebrew scripture is a "message in a bottle," says Yoram Hazony, and in The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, he tries to decipher that message. Hazony's new book makes the case for a different reading of the ancient texts — and argues that the Hebrew Bible is a work of philosophy in narrative form.

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Tue September 4, 2012
NPR Cities: Urban Life In The 21st Century

Bridging The Gap Between Two Neighborhoods

Originally published on Thu September 6, 2012 7:19 pm

An illustration for a park proposed for Washington's old 11th Street Bridge. If realized, the park would span the Anacostia River, linking the Capitol Hill neighborhood with lower-income Anacostia.
Ed Estes Courtesy of D.C. Office of Planning

Cities around the nation have tried a variety of approaches to revitalizing their urban cores. Some have turned to repurposing old infrastructure to breathe new life into neighborhoods.

One such effort is under way in the nation's capital, where the redevelopment of a bridge linking a wealthy part of the city with a lower-income one may present an opportunity — if an ambitious park plan can be brought to fruition.

A '21st Century Playground'

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Title:                Senior Project Producer
Division:          Programming
Reports to:      Director of Program Support

Position summary:The Senior Project Producer (SPP) will serve as chief editor/producer of audio projects stemming from regional events such as community forums, station promotion functions, special broadcasts including election night coverage, and grant-funded activity.  The SPP will serve as an on-air host and will be responsible for organizing and participating in on-air fundraisers.  The SPP will oversee production of WRVO’s signature old-time-radio program Tuned to Yesterday and other programs as assigned.


Tue September 4, 2012
BRICSion: Powerful Stories, Powerful Nations

In South Africa, No Crying Over 'Spilt Milk'?

Originally published on Tue September 4, 2012 6:58 pm

South African writer Kopano Matlwa is also a physician. Writing, she says, "was really just a hobby, and I am really grateful to God that it turned out to be more than that."
Courtesy of Kopano Matlwa

"After" may be the most important word in South African writer Kopano Matlwa's novel Spilt Milk. The book focuses on the "Born Free" generation — those who came of age in the post-apartheid era, which began 18 years ago. As the first passage of the book highlights, this generation's story begins "After all the excitement, after the jubilation, after the celebrations..."

A Dream Or A Lie?

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Tue September 4, 2012

Common core standards make debut in New York

As children all over upstate New York head back to school this week, the curriculum for some of them will be a little different this year.

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Tue September 4, 2012

New York Democrats' hopes and plans for the DNC

New York state Democrats are well-represented at the Democratic National Convention which began in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday. But not all Democrats from the region are attending.

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Tue September 4, 2012

Decades Later, South African Miners Sue Employers

Originally published on Tue September 4, 2012 4:35 pm

Armstrong Ngutyana (left), 55, and Dumisani Mjolwa, 65, were gold miners during the apartheid era. Both worked underground for nearly three decades. They developed lung disease and were forced to quit their jobs, but received only minimal compensation. They are now part of a class-action lawsuit against South African mining companies.
Anders Kelto for NPR

South Africa's mining industry is under heavy scrutiny after 44 people died during protests at a platinum mine near Johannesburg. Now, the industry is facing challenges on another front: Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against three of the country's biggest gold mining companies.

They're suing on behalf of miners who worked during the apartheid era and now have lung disease.

A settlement in the case — and another like it — could reach into the billions of dollars.

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