Tue April 3, 2012
The Two-Way

Murdoch Son Stepping Down From Post At BSkyB

Originally published on Tue April 3, 2012 10:17 am

James Murdoch, in July 2011.
Warren Allott AFP/Getty Images

The hacking scandal that has ripped through Rupert Murdoch's newspapers in the U.K. has now led to son James Murdoch's decision to step down as chairman of the satellite broadcast giant BSkyB.

NPR's David Folkenflik tells our Newscast Desk that:

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Tue April 3, 2012


Tue April 3, 2012

How Much Would You Pay For A Flying Car?

Originally published on Wed April 4, 2012 2:01 pm



And that brings us to our last word in business, flying cars. Finally, they're here. Well, almost here. We're not exactly in Jetsons' territory quite yet. But a company in Massachusetts says its prototype flying car, called the Transition, completed its first flight and will be ready for sale within the next year.

The two-seat vehicle soared to 1,400 feet in its maiden voyage. The car - can we call it that - is expected to cost $279,000, and 100 buyers have already plunked down their deposits.


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Tue April 3, 2012
-Nature of Things

Nature Walk Through Rice Creek

John Weeks take a walk through the back of Rice Creek Field Station looking for signs of spring, examining rocks, insects and even finds a pair of mating birds.

Originally aired April 6th, 1984.


Tue April 3, 2012
Regional Coverage

Warm weather brings an influx of cats

The Central New York SPCA is bracing for an influx of cats. Officials estimate more than 200 cats and kittens will be dropped off at the center in the next two and a half months. Spring is the time of year cats begin breeding and this year’s early warm weather is causing animal shelters to prepare ahead of schedule.

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Tue April 3, 2012
The Two-Way

What Happened In Vegas Costs Federal Properties Manager Her Job

The Las Vegas Strip: sometimes what happens there does come back to bite you.
Ethan Miller Getty Images

An inspector general's report about "excessive and wasteful" spending on a 2010 conference in Las Vegas hosted by the federal government's General Services Administration has cost GSA administrator Martha Johnson her job.

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Tue April 3, 2012
It's All Politics

As Wisconsin Heads To Polls, Romney And Santorum Vie For Last-Minute Support

Campaigning in Wisconsin Monday, Rick Santorum hopes he'll come out ahead in the cheese state.
Jeffrey Phelps EPA /Landov
  • Listen to Ari Shapiro on Morning Edition
  • Listen to David Welna on Morning Edition

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have been fighting it out in Wisconsin for the past week. And Tuesday night they'll see the results of their labors. Republicans will also cast votes Tuesday in Maryland and Washington, D.C., primaries, though the candidates have not spent much time there.

In all three contests, polls show Romney with a wide lead. Yet Santorum continues to campaign as relentlessly as ever. On Tuesday's Morning Edition, NPR's Ari Shapiro and David Welna filed reports from the trail.

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Tue April 3, 2012
It's All Politics

Five Things To Watch For Tuesday In Wisconsin, Maryland, DC

Originally published on Tue April 3, 2012 4:28 pm

Mitt Romney should have a very good day Tuesday in the Wisconsin, Maryland and District of Columbia GOP primaries.
Steven Senne AP

Once the Republican presidential primaries entered April, leaving behind March with its run of several Southern contests, the electoral terrain was expected to start looking much better for Mitt Romney.

That seems the case Tuesday, as Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia hold the first primaries in April, with a total of 98 delegates at stake. The front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination is expected to have a very good day. Just how good remains to be seen.

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Tue April 3, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

Medicare Boosting Coverage For Mental Health Issues

Medicare coverage for mental health services will reach 80 percent in 2014.
DElight iStockphoto.com

Medicare coverage for people with depression used to be, well, depressing. But that's starting to change.

In October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began covering screening for depression without any cost-sharing when Medicare beneficiaries visit their primary care doctor.

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Tue April 3, 2012
The Two-Way

U.S. Puts $10 Million Bounty On Mumbai Terror Suspect's Head

An April 2011 file photo, taken in Islamabad, of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.
Aamir Qureshi AFP/Getty Images

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the suspected mastermind behind the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, that left 166 people dead, now has a $10 million bounty on his head from the U.S. State Department's "Rewards for Justice" program.

Six American citizens died in the Mumbai massacre.

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