Thu April 26, 2012
It's All Politics

Some Campaign Donors Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Isn't

Originally published on Thu April 26, 2012 2:09 pm

Much of the attention on money in politics this election cycle has been focused on the new superPACs, and with good reason.

Recent court rulings allow superPACs — which officially are independent of specific candidates — to raise and spend unlimited money to support their favorite politician or cause.

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Thu April 26, 2012
NPR Story

America's 'Great Divergence' Is Relatively New

Originally published on Fri April 27, 2012 12:05 pm

Thirty years ago, CEOs of America's largest businesses earned an estimated 42 times as much as their average employee. These days, that number has jumped to more than 200 times as much, by many counts. Since the economic crisis of 2008, there has been much more focus on income inequality, not just from economists and social scientists, but also from politicians and from protesters who occupied Wall Street.

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Thu April 26, 2012

The Taylor Case And International Justice

Originally published on Thu April 26, 2012 2:43 pm

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was found guilty by an international tribunal of planning, aiding and abetting war crimes during the 1990s. This marks the first time since World War II that a current or former head of state was convicted by a tribunal of crimes committed while in office.


Thu April 26, 2012
-Tuned To Yesterday

Tuned To Yesterday

#556 - Adventure: Lux Radio Theater "Action in the North Atlantic" 5/15/44

Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier. 


Thu April 26, 2012
-Tuned To Yesterday

Tuned To Yesterday

#555 - True History: Cavalcade Of America "Wither Thou Goest" 10/31/50, CBS is There "The Listening Years" 11/6/47

Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier. 


Thu April 26, 2012

Organ donor registry now available online

MGShelton via Flickr

New York state is hoping that a new way to join the state's organ donor registry online will mean a longer list of potential donors. Central New Yorkers, who have had to make decisions about organ donations, are encouraging New Yorkers to log on.

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Thu April 26, 2012
The Two-Way

With A Tweet, A's Player Unleashes Debate: Is 'Kiss Cam' Homophobic?

The video board at Busch Stadium is seen during a popular between-inning feature known as "Kiss Cam."
Jeff Roberson AP

Yesterday, in the San Francisco Chronicle, columnist Gwen Knapp hailed a tweet from an Oakland Athletics' player as the dawn of the "age of enlightenment."

In short, pitcher Brandon McCarthy sent out a tweet that suggested the "Kiss Cam" — a feature shown on scoreboards across the country in which a camera focuses on couples in hopes of a kiss — was anti-gay.

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Thu April 26, 2012
The Salt

Your 'Food Porn' Verdict? Keep The Photos Coming

Originally published on Fri April 27, 2012 8:25 am

NPR's Keith Jenkins has been known to document an especially tasty meal, like this pho tai from Pho DC.
Keith Jenkins NPR

Snarky comedians who mock people who share food photos on Facebook and Twitter (see this video) may be good for a chuckle, but they don't have the will of the people behind them.

That's what we've learned from our online survey this week, which asked: "Are your friends bombarding you with 'food porn'?"

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Thu April 26, 2012
Politics and Government

Cuomo casts doubt on success of remaining session issues

Patja Flickr

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he has some goals for the rest of the legislative session, including reforming the campaign finance system and possibly raising the state’s minimum wage.

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Thu April 26, 2012

Los Tigres Turn Up The Heat On Mexican Folk Songs



Right now some of the hottest artists in Latin music are in Miami for the annual Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. Those awards celebrate the most popular musicians in business innovators in Latin music.

Now if you are not an expert on Latin music, do not worry. We have you covered. Here to guide us, Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras. They are co-hosts of the NPR Podcast Alt.Latino. They've been with us this week to tell us which artists to keep an eye on.

Welcome back. Thanks for joining us again.

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