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Thu December 29, 2011
The Two-Way

Petraeus Did Not Consider Quitting Over Afghan Drawdown, Author Says

Originally published on Thu December 29, 2011 11:16 am

Gen. David Petraeus in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on July 4, 2011.
U.S. Navy Lt. j.g. Haraz N. Ghanbari Getty Images

The lede on an Associated Press report this morning:

"Four-star general-turned-CIA director David Petraeus almost resigned as Afghanistan war commander over President Barack Obama's decision to quickly draw down surge forces, according to a new insider's look at Petraeus' 37-year Army career."

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Thu December 29, 2011

Debunked Science: Studies Take Heat In 2011

2011 may go down as the year of the retraction in the scientific world.

Among the highly publicized discoveries that got debunked this year: a genetic basis for longevity; a new form of life; an explanation for autism; and a link between a virus and chronic fatigue syndrome.

All of these non-discoveries have something in common. They involved findings that both scientists and the public badly wanted to believe.

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Thu December 29, 2011
It's All Politics

Across Iowa, Gingrich Highlights His Experience As Poll Numbers Slip

Originally published on Mon January 2, 2012 6:26 am

Newt Gingrich speaks Wednesday at Southbridge Mall in Mason City, Iowa.
Scott Olson Getty Images

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich started Thursday's Iowa campaigning with a stop in Sioux City at The Coffee Works. Only about a dozen customers were there, but he was questioned critically by one about his comments on reforming the federal judiciary.

Linda Santi told Gingrich she didn't appreciate him "politicizing" the Iowa Supreme Court's 2009 decision that found unconstitutional a state law banning gay marriage. Santi said the decision was in accordance with the state constitution. Gingrich ended the conversation with: "We'll have to agree to disagree."

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Thu December 29, 2011
-Tuned To Yesterday

Tuned To Yesterday

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#475 - Drama: Prudential Family Hour "Deeper Shadow" 11/7/48, This Is My Best "Anything Can Happen" 4/24/45

Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier.


Thu December 29, 2011
The Salt

When The Food Isn't Alright On The Night Shift

Rachel Zayas, a registered nurse, sets up the shift board for the night shift at the Cleveland Clinic.
Chuck Crow The Plain Dealer /Landov

Working the night shift is bad for your health. But what if that's because the food is so lousy?

That's the provocative question raised this week by the editors of PLoS Medicine, an online medical journal.

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Thu December 29, 2011

Try A Champagne Cocktail For A Sparkling New Year

Originally published on Sat December 31, 2011 10:05 am

Greg Seider's version of a French 75 is a cocktail with gin, lemon juice and agave topped with prosecco or champagne.

For many people, the New Year begins with popping a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. It's the go-to drink for the celebratory moments in our lives.

Yet champagne is far more versatile than many people think. Beyond just pouring it into a glass, you can mix it with any number of spirits to create a range of champagne cocktails.

"One that starts off a little simpler is a French 75," respected mixologist Greg Seider tells Weekend Edition guest host Jacki Lyden. "[It's] gin, lemon juice, a slight bit of agave, topped with prosecco or champagne."

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Thu December 29, 2011


Thu December 29, 2011


Thu December 29, 2011
It's All Politics

Romney Rolling In Iowa, With Large Crowds And Growing Optimism

Before the sun was even up here in Iowa this morning, the Mitt Romney campaign bus was rolling on its way to a stop at J's Homestyle Cooking in Cedar Falls.

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