Wed March 10, 2010

WRVO's Regional AM Weather Forecast for Marcn 10, 2010

Oswego, NY – Today's Weather: Considerable amounts of sun, with a high in the mid 40s.


Tue March 9, 2010
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Board of Regents Takes Final Votes Today on Eliminating Exams

Oswego, NY – The Board of Regents is meeting again today to take final votes on issues, which could include further progress into the cost-cutting idea of eliminating Regents exams.

The issues for the Regents is the same issue confronting schools, state parks and almost every other aspect of life in New York State: Money.

An analysis of the education department's budget finds that much of its money can only be spent on specific programs. That leaves little flexibility to cope with changes, such as deep budget cuts.

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Tue March 9, 2010
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New Poll Says Gov. Paterson Should Finish Out His Term

Oswego, NY – A majority of New Yorkers do not think Governor David Paterson should resign or be forced out of office.

That is according to a new poll from the Siena Research Institute.

However, The results also show the governor has one of his worst job performance ratings.

Almost 20 percent of voters think Paterson is doing an excellent or good job as governor, compared to 80 percent who say only fair or poor.

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Tue March 9, 2010

WRVO's Regional AM Weather Forecast for March 9, 2010

Oswego, NY – Today's Weather: Uncommonly sunny today. High at 47.


Tue March 9, 2010
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Paterson Completes Busy Day of Public Events, Refuses Comment on Scandals

Albany, NY – Governor David Paterson was back to state business on Monday as he
tried to ignore two scandals and calls for his resignation. The
governor held a number of official events, including a town hall
meeting and a forum promoting the soda tax, but the controversies
continued to overshadow other topics.

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Mon March 8, 2010
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Unemployment Rises, Fewer Upstate New Yorkers Spend Money

Oswego, NY – As the unemployment rate rises, fewer upstate New Yorkers are spending money.

According to the latest Siena College poll, consumer confidence across N.Y. dropped three points last month. This comes as unemployment in the Syracuse area rose nearly one percentage point in January.

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Mon March 8, 2010
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Two Central and Northern NYS Prisions May Close

Oswego, NY – Corrections officers are fighting plans to close four state prisons, including two in Central and Northern N.Y.

Those prisons are in Ogdensburg and Red Creek.

The state is cutting every budget to try to fill a $9 billion shortage.

Officials argue that crime is dropping and the state does not need as many prison cells.

The union representing corrections officers said that is not true. They said if the state would end the practice of putting two inmates in one cell, nearly every cell would be filled.

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Mon March 8, 2010
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President Obama Pushes to Pass Health Care Bill

Oswego, NY – President Obama is trying to pressure congress to get a health care overhaul bill passed within the coming weeks.

However Uitca area Congressman Mike Arcuri said he may vote against it. Arcuri said he does not like parts of the senate version, like a lack of a public option.

He is in favor of voting of health care piece by piece instead of one big bill.

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Mon March 8, 2010

WRVO's Regional Morning Newscast for March 08, 2010

Oswego, NY – Rep. Arcuri may vote no on health care overhaul. Consumer confidence is down. These stories and more on the morning podcast.


Mon March 8, 2010

WRVO's Regional AM Weather Forecast for March 8, 2010

Oswego, NY – Today's Weather: Partly sunny. Mild temperatures. High at 44.