Thu March 29, 2007
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Muslim stand-up comic presents her perspective on life

Oswego, New York – An Iranian-American woman making an effort to break down stereotypes and cultural myths...is doing it through laughter.

Muslim stand-up comic Tissa Hami visited SUNY Oswego as part of the college hour.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke to the comedian about her performance and the path that led her to the stage.


Wed March 28, 2007
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Tentative State Budget Deal

Oswego, NY – New York Governor Eliot Spitzer says a tentative agreement has been reached on a new state budget. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke with Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt about the break through.


Tue March 27, 2007
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New York's largest public employees union to sue state

Oswego, New York – A union representing over 1700 healthcare workers in Central New York has filed a lawsuit...challenging a controversial statewide hospital closing and merger proposal.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher reports...


Tue March 27, 2007
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Actress joins FPA in a push for more sex education in schools

Oswego, New York – An actress famous for her role in a show based on sex supports Family Planning Advocates of New York in urging lawmakers to increase sex education in public schools.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher has more...


Mon March 26, 2007
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Hawkins to run for another elected office

Oswego, New York – Howie Hawkins...plans to run for another elected office...this time for Councilor-at- Large on the Syracuse Common Council.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher asked the Green Party candidate about key issues he would address as a city-wide law maker.


Fri March 23, 2007
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Gun Lobby opposes DEC commissioner nominee

Oswego, New York – The confirmation of Governor Spitzer's nominee to be the state's Environmental Commissioner is once again being held up.

A Senate committee this week questioned Alexander "Pete" Grannis but failed to hold a vote to confirm the long-time State Assemblyman. Opposition to his nomination is coming from the gun lobby...hunters and sportsmen's groups.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to Tom King...President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.


Fri March 23, 2007
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Upstate business leaders work to spur economic growth

Oswego, New York – National Grid is hosting the second in a series of "Upstate conversations" at the South Side Innovation Center in Syracuse. Business and development leaders from across Upstate New York will present their ideas on economic development for the region. WRVO's Richard Annal spoke with National Grid's Vice President for Economic Development...Marilyn Higgins.


Fri March 23, 2007
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Environmentalists push for bill to help protect waterways

Oswego, New York – With the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway...an environmental advocacy group is supporting legislation that would help protect the waterways.

WRVO's Jasmyn Belcher spoke with Executive Director of Save the River...Jennifer Caddick.


Thu March 22, 2007
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Onondaga Nation Land Rights Action

Oswego, NY – The federal government might intervene on behalf of the Onondaga Nation in the tribe's land rights action. WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to the Onondaga's legal counsel Joseph Heath about the new development.


Wed March 21, 2007
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Local hospital to sue the state over Berger Commission's recommendations

Oswego, New York – Fulton's A. L. Lee Memorial is now one of several New York State hospitals that have filed a legal challenge to overturn the recommendations of a special panel tasked to close or reconfigure dozens of health care facilities.

It has filed suit in State Supreme Court in Oswego County to overturn the controversial findings.

WRVO's Chris Ulanowski spoke to A. L. Lee Memorial Executive Director Dennis Casey.