Tue November 25, 2003
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Unity Acres

Orwell, NY – Most people think of Thanksgiving as a time to gather with family and reflect upon one's blessings. But for the homeless and the down-and-out, it's not always that easy. Shelters are one option, but some men choose instead to join a community called Unity Acres in Orwell, in northern Oswego County. WRVO's Skye Rohde reports.


Thu November 13, 2003
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An Evening With the Capitol Steps

Syracuse, NY – WRVO's Chris Ulanowski talks to Elaina Newport, one of the founding members of the comedy troupe The Capitol Steps.


Thu November 13, 2003
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The Rising Cost of Lumber

Oswego, NY – WRVO's Ricahrd Annal takes a look at the rising cost of lumber products... and what it may mean to CNY contractors.


Thu November 13, 2003
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The Haudenosaunee Flag Flies Again

LaFayette, NY – Despite some controversy, the Haudenosaunee flag, which celebrates the unification of the six Iroquois nations, now flies over LaFayette Junior-Senior High School.

WRVO's Elizabeth Christensen attended the flag raising ceremony and has this report.


Fri November 7, 2003
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Feature Interview: Anne Manson

Syracuse, NY – One of the few established female conductors in the music world is in Syracuse this weekend. Anne Manson is guest conductor for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra tonight and tomorrow night. Manson worked extensively in Europe before spending four years as the Kansas City Symphony's music director. She told WRVO's Skye Rohde she began conducting in college, when the head of the professional chorus she sang in asked her to fill in.


Thu November 6, 2003
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Commentator responds to the molestation of a student.

Fulton, NY – The alleged molestation of a Fulton, NY Junior High School football player by four of his classmates shocked Central New York. It also has commentator Merilee Witherall thinking about how we call can contribute to improving responsibility in our schools.


Thu November 6, 2003

Arsenic Treated Lumber

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Thu November 6, 2003
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Brennan Greens Lawsuit

Richland, NY – It's a common dispute: developer versus neighbors, business growth versus environmental impact. In the town of Richland, in northern Oswego County, some landowners and environmentalists are arguing that the proper environmental review of a project that includes a nine-hole golf course has not taken place. They say endangered species are at risk as result.


Thu October 30, 2003
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Feature Interview: Robert O'Connor

Oswego, NY – Robert O'Connor, an English professor at SUNY Oswego, wrote his novel "Buffalo Soldiers" in 1993. The story was adapted into a movie, which was released by Miramax Films this past July and will be screened in Oswego tonight. O'Connor told WRVO's Skye Rohde that watching his story move from the page to the screen has been a positive experience.


Tue October 28, 2003
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Utica Curling Club Open House

Whitesboro, NY – It's not often that throwing rocks at a house is sanctioned...but it's actually the goal of curling. Of course, "throwing" a curling stone means sliding it along 136 feet of ice toward a bullseye called the "house." This Scottish game has been big in Canada for years and is a tradition in New York's Mohawk Valley. Members of the Utica Curling Club spent much of last week introducing it to new players. As WRVO's Skye Rohde reports, it has a lot to offer.