Jonathan Groubert

Host, The State We're In

Jonathan Groubert is the host of the award-winning radio program, The State We’re In. He helped develop the show and has been its host since its inception in 2007, which broadcasts internationally each week from Radio Netherlands Worldwide.  His informal, friendly style of conversation defines the tone of the program, which aims to get at the heart of first-person stories about how we treat each other around the world.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, he moved to the Netherlands nearly twenty years ago, where his calling in radio began as a freelancer.  He wrote, produced and presented pieces on political, social and cultural issues for the BBC, Deutsche Welle and RNW. He began full-time work at Radio Netherlands as a newsreader and graduated to host of EuroQuest, a magazine program about Europe for Americans. His work has won many awards, including a World Gold Medal at the New York Festivals, and more recently a Gabriel for an interview he did for The State We're In.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education English and Theatre from SUNY, as well as a Masters degree in European Communications from the University of Amsterdam.

He loves heavy metal, show tunes, astronomy and Indian food, and will tell you at length how they’re all interconnected, if you let him.  Fluent in English and Dutch, he's also proficient in several other languages, including Serbo-Croat -- all of which has been extremely useful in recording conversations with internationally-based guests.

Jonathan lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two children.