Majora Carter


Majora Carter is founder of Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx), a nonprofit community organization established in 2001 to advance the environmental and economic rebirth of her hometown, one of the poorest areas of the U.S. She is now president of her own economic consulting firm. Carter, a sought-after speaker, was named one of Essence magazine's "25 most influential African-Americans" and one of Newsweek's "25 to Watch." She is co-host of The Green on the Sundance Channel. In 2005, she was awarded the MacArthur "genius" Fellowship in recognition of her revolutionary approaches to persistent social problems. Other honors include New York University's Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award, the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal, and the Lewis Rudin Award for Public Service. Majora Carter holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and an M.F.A. from New York University.

Majora Carter is a visionary in her own right. Since she created Sustainable South Bronx — a venture designed to bring relief to her economically depressed hometown - she has become president of her own consulting firm, helping communities unlock their economic and sustainable potential. This MacArthur "genius" is a sought-after speaker, host of The Promised Land, and co-host on Sundance Channel's The Green.

Carter has an uncanny ability to take public radio audiences into uncharted territory — diving deep into issues of race, class, and justice — through her intimate conversations with extraordinary people who are working toward social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

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