22-year-old to run for Syracuse Common Council

Mar 22, 2013

The son of a former Syracuse Common Councilor has announced plans to run for the Syracuse 1st District councilor seat. Joe Carni is the latest of a crop of young candidates Republicans are hoping will revitalize their party in the City of Syracuse.

Carni, who is 22, made the announcement in front of his family's business on Syracuse's north side, alongside  several prominent Republican office holders from Syracuse, non of whom are representatives in city government. Carni says the Democratic stronghold over city hall isn't healthy.

"While they may be honorable and well-intentioned, common sense recognizes one party government is not an ideal situation.  Equal representation demands diversity, opposing points of view, and vigorous debate," said Carni.

The Republicans are also supporting candidates in two other district races in Syracuse so far, and Onondaga County republican Chairman Tom Dadey says the GOP is bullish on their chances, even though Democrats have a more than two-to-one advantage with enrollment.
"It may be a little higher now because of the presidential years -- Democrats -- but those folks aren't going to come and turn out," said Dadey. "If you look historically at what happened in 2009 when we had a three-way race for mayor, if you added the Republican and Conservative candidates together, the Democrat didn't win by much.  Stephanie Miner didn't win by much."

Dadey admits finding someone to run against Miner has been a challenge, several prominent Republicans have turned the idea down.  But he says the party is still looking for a candidate for mayor -- if not a Republican, then someone the party could find common ground with. Dadey said he believes they can find someone in time for petitions circulated in early June.

Democrat Common Councilor Pat Hogan has talked about challenging Miner, and has been supported by the GOP in races in years past.