Area congresswoman proposes tax law change

Aug 10, 2012

Central New York Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives that she hopes will close a tax loophole that benefits federal employees. The bill would make sure that retirement plans of federal workers are not taxed differently than those of private sector employees.  

The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimates this bill would bring in $24 million  in revenue from outstanding taxes.

 "I think there’s an issue of fairness here that first off, federal employees should not be in arrears on their income tax and should be held to the same standard as private sector employees.  It’s a decent source of revenue," said Buerkle.

The bill passed the House before they went on summer recess. The Republican Buerkle says she hopes the Democrat-controlled Senate will pass the bill as well.

Buerkle is currently running for re-election against Democrat former Congressman Dan Maffei.