Attendance at annual gun show up; organizers cite recent gun control laws

Jan 28, 2013

Organizers of an annual gun show in Albany say they are seeing bigger crowds this year, due to the recent changes to New York's gun control laws and potential changes at the federal level.

The New York State Arms Collector's Association has been holding the show at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center for over 30 years, but this year they agreed to even tighter controls on weapons sales in the wake of the new legislation.

Signs were posted on every vendor's table outlining the rules, which include tagging guns to track sales and mandatory background checks.

Doug Roberts is the show director and says many participants are expressing concern about their second amendment rights.

"Little by little, our liberties are being chipped. My dad was in WWI, my brother WWII. I volunteered for the Army after college. I just think that little by little the politicians are working us over," said Roberts.

The show typically brings in about 4,000 visitors. Most of the guns for sale are antique models for collectors.