Board of Regents Takes Final Votes Today on Eliminating Exams

Oswego, NY – The Board of Regents is meeting again today to take final votes on issues, which could include further progress into the cost-cutting idea of eliminating Regents exams.

The issues for the Regents is the same issue confronting schools, state parks and almost every other aspect of life in New York State: Money.

An analysis of the education department's budget finds that much of its money can only be spent on specific programs. That leaves little flexibility to cope with changes, such as deep budget cuts.

Officials are hoping that the state can win money from the federal grant competition called "Race to the Top." New York State is a surprise finalist.

Regents chancellor Merryl Tisch said she will push the state legislature to approve changed that will improve the state's chances.

"Without the ability to have those legislative changes, we simply won't be able to deliver on the promise of transformation," said Tisch.

The legislature failed to approve an increase in the number of privately run charter schools. That's one of the items involved in qualifying for "Race to the Top" funding.