College Hands Out Potassium Iodide to Students

Oswego, NY – The State University of New York at Oswego will begin handing out potassium iodide, or KI, tablets to students today.

Taking the pills after a nuclear incident can help prevent thyroid cancer by absorbing certain kinds of radiation in the body.

The Oswego County Emergency Management office has been handing out KI tablets to residents living within 10 miles of the county's three nuclear reactors.

The college is just about 10 miles away from Nine Mile Point.

College officials decided last month to offer students KI tablets free of charge.

Those living near the nuclear power plants, but outside the 10 mile radius can purchase KI tablets at the drug store at a cost of about one dollar per pill.

Anyone who purchases potassium iodide on their own is strongly urged to get more information about how and when to take the pill and what pre-existing medical conditions may preclude ingestion of KI.