Common councilor announces bid for re-election

May 30, 2013

One of the sitting Syracuse common councilors who failed to get support from the Syracuse Democratic Committee this spring, has announced a primary run.

Syracuse Councilor at Large Jean Kessner will soon begin gathering the 1,000 valid petition signatures she'll need by mid-July to wage a primary election to hold on to her seat.

"I don't want to walk away. This is really meaningful to me. I have enjoyed it. I am good at it. I've listened to people. I bring a lot of legislation forward, and I am totally open to working with people. To me it is not an ego trip, it's not a time to point fingers and be upset with people. It's time to do our work and get things going here," she said.

Kessner wouldn't criticize Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, who supported the committee endorsement of Pam Hunter and Jeff Wright. The other at large councilor who didn't get the committee nod was Lance Denno, who says he wants to keep his seat, but hasn't announced his plans.

There are four at large seats on the legislative body. They represent the whole city as opposed to district councilors. The four year terms are staggered, with two seats open at a time. Kessner was the top vote getter the first time she ran for councilor at large four years ago.