Crime Rate Decreases in Syracuse

Syracuse, NY – According to the latest data, crime has decreased in Syracuse. Denise O'Donnell, New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Affairs, discussed some of the results from the analysis:

Homicide is down 16 percent
Rape is down 5 percent
Robbery is down 5 percent
Aggravated assault is down 2 percent
Burglary is down 5 percent
Larceny is down 6 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft is down 33 percent

It has been a year since the State Division of Criminal Justice Services partnered with local and county law enforcement to open crime analysis centers. One of the four centers in N.Y. is right here in Onondaga County.

Each of the four units is responsible for conducting in-depth analysis of all county crime incident data, to help connect "crime dots."

The Onondaga County Center integrates crime data from five center partners including the Syracuse Police Department and 13 other municipal police agencies in the county.

O'Donnell says the full 2009 Crime Report is expected to be released in the coming weeks.