Cuomo, Astorino see differently on Common Core deal

Apr 1, 2014

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says parents and students can exhale knowing that the second round of Common Core aligned test scores will not be included on student's permanent transcripts under the new budget deal.

The new standards in English and math designed to improve college and career readiness have been criticized by some parents who say that the roll-out was done too fast and from educators claiming that they weren't given sufficient material and guidance to teach the new standards.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Credit Ryan Delaney / WRVO

Under the budget passed Monday night, scores on Common Core-aligned tests for students from third to eighth grade would remain off their transcripts through 2018 and school districts would be prevented from using the scores as the sole way for determining student placement.

"I think that will bring a sense of security and relief to many students and many parents," Cuomo, a Democrat, said Monday after signing the budget.

But one parent not relieved is Rob Astorino, the Republican Westchester County executive who is challenging Cuomo for governor.

Before a pro-gun rights rally Monday, Astorino called the curriculum a problem.

Rob Astorino
Credit Ellen Abbott / WRVO file photo

"Common Core and the problems I have with it are not about the implementation, which has been a disaster, it's with the direction of the curriculum," he said.

Cuomo was originally in favor the new common core standards, Astorino charged, but switched his position when public sentiment soured.

He also recently said he would be keeping his kids home from school while the tests were being taken.

Astorino was not much kinder with regards to the governor's budget, calling it a gimmick and a typical Albany election-year budget.