Cuomo optimistic for approval of state budget

Mar 8, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he is unlikely to send an emergency message that would allow state lawmakers to bypass a three-day waiting period for the state budget.

Cuomo has taken some heat for bypassing the legal three-day waiting period when the governor and lawmakers agreed to pass new gun control laws on the second day of the legislative session.

The measure was passed less than an hour after the lengthy bill had been printed. This left little time for lawmakers to read through the legislation, or for public scrutiny.

The governor says he will seek early agreement on the state budget, so that the bills can be in public view for the three-day waiting period. He says he does not intend to send what is known as a “message of necessity” this time.

“We’re proceeding in an orderly way,” Cuomo said. “I don’t anticipate at this time any reason why we’re going to have a mad scramble at the end.”

The governor and lawmakers hope to approve the budget by March 21.