Cuomo says Sandy only adds to 2013 agenda

Dec 17, 2012

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says preparations for his January State of the State address are "in good shape."

The annual address is meant to be both a progress report and a way for the governor to lay out his agenda for the year as the legislative session kicks off.

Cuomo has been busy dealing with the recovery and response to Superstorm Sandy that battered downstate and New York City. He's also spent a significant amount of time lobbying for federal aid to deal with that damage.

But in a recent interview, Coumo said that while the state still needs to help those affected by the storm, his work next year will be about more than just issues created by Sandy.

"We have a whole agenda that we've laid out that we have to continue to work on. Let's just say Hurricane Sandy, that work will be added on top of an already very large pile," Cuomo said.

Campaign finance reform and raising the minimum wage are still high among items the governor wants to accomplish in the next legislative session.

"Nothing comes off the list," Coumo says.

The State of the State address is scheduled for January 9.