Cuomo says tax free zones proposal not distracting him from other key priorities

May 30, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says many of his key agenda items are still in play in the legislature, even though he’s been spending most of his time lately promoting tax free business zones at some state college campuses.

Cuomo held his sixth event in a week to highlight a plan to create tax free business zones at public and private colleges, as well as on some state owned properties. But he insists he’s still actively pursuing his other end of session priorities -- including public financing of political campaigns, a women’s equality act, the siting of three upstate casinos, and a board to help distressed upstate cities.

“It was robust to begin with,” said Cuomo, of his legislative agenda. “We’re adding now an additional, very aggressive piece, on top of it.”

Cuomo says enacting his  tax free zone plan is not a “slam dunk." After a private meeting with the governor, legislative leaders refused to fully commit to the proposal.