Dede Scozzafava Writing A Memoir of Troubled Campaign

Oswego, NY – North Country Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava said she's writing a memoir about her campaign in New York's 23rd Congressional District.

Scozzafava was the Republican Party's nominee, but eventually dropped out of the race after losing support in the polls.

Conservative leaning national talk show hosts and attack ads branded her as a Liberal Republican and championed Doug Hoffman instead.

Scozzafava said she has begun compiling together notes for a book to recall it all.

"I have been kind of putting pieces together, yes, just, I think, more so for me, just to kind of go back and recall different moments, and I had jotted down certain occasions and I've got a whole calendar of events, and I'm kind of thinking about it again," said Scozzafava.

Scozzafava also wants to go over how she got into public office and talk about current politics.

She hasn't figured out a title yet.

Meanwhile, the Republican hasn't decided if she'll seek reelection to her assembly seat.