Democrat Dan Lamb is newcomer in 22nd congressional district

Sep 12, 2012

Dan Lamb is the Democrat candidate running against central New York Congressman Richard Hanna, and he has been introducing himself to voters in the new 22nd congressional district saying that he is just like them.

In 2010, Republican Richard Hanna was the new guy on the scene. Now after serving one term in Congress, he faces a newcomer opponent in Dan Lamb.

Lamb is a long-time staffer for retiring Congressman Maurice Hinchey. Redistricting has caused a new district to be formed out of much of Hinchey's and Hanna's districts.

Lamb thinks Hanna is among those Republicans who should be voted out of office in November, to help try to bring back a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. The candidate says this Congress has been one of the most dysfunctional in history.

"I think they've done a pretty good job of thwarting a legislative agenda that this country needs with this cynical approach, to make this country look like its not able to govern," he said.

Lamb calls himself an average middle class guy who can relate to the people in the district.

"I think my background and my life in general is more reflective of this district. I'm more like the people I'm trying to represent. I'm a middle class person, I struggle with a mortgage I have a kid in public schools."

Lamb says he has always taken an interest in issues like health care, education, hydrofracking and peace.