Environmentalists gear up for weekend climate change march in New York City

Sep 19, 2014

Central New York will be represented in this weekend's climate change march in New York City.

Several buses of local activists, college students and people concerned about climate change are heading to New York for what organizers are calling the largest climate march in history.

“It’s really a big tent event where people from many different parts of the country, with many different issues, are coming together with one voice to say to the world we need urgent action on climate change," said Jessica Azulay, program director for the Alliance for a Green Economy in Syracuse. "The solutions that we are implementing right now are not enough.”

Azulay says this is also a chance for the world to see how many people are worried about the impacts of climate change.

“The people’s climate march is an opportunity for all of us who are concerned about climate change to come together and take to the streets, and show just how many of us there are and how concerned we are,” she explained.

But she says the march is meant to do more than just ask Washington for action.

“A lot of the solutions need to come from Washington, but they also need to come from ourselves and our own communities, and our own states and countries all over the world," Azulay said. "So we’re taking sort of a global solidarity stand.”

Azulay hopes the march paves the way for solutions to climate change that pull people out of poverty by way of green jobs. The march comes in advance of a climate summit at the United Nations next week.