Families Support Midwife Care

Oswego, NY – Families in support of midwives want to expand access to midwife care.

Midwives must have a written agreement with a physician in order to practice. Midwifery advocacy groups are pushing for legislation that would remove the need for that agreement.

Jeanette McCullough is a mom with Birth-net of the Finger Lakes. She said that requirement makes it hard for midwives to practice, as few physicians are willing to sign the agreement.

"There's a real concern about the drain of qualified midwives in New York," said McCullogh. There is a number of midwives who have been licensed in New York but when they go to get a practice agreement, haven't been able to do so. They haven't been able top find a friendly physician to sign their practice agreement so they go to practice out of the state. They practice elsewhere."

According to the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives, there are about 1,300 licensed midwives in New York State.