Food Pantries Face New Challenges

Utica, NY – Advocates for the poor are out in force, making sure that those in need have food and clothing for the winter.

The Food Bank of Greater Utica is in the midst of it's largest drive for food of the year.

Kimberly Strong, President of the Board of Directors for the Food Bank, says the agency relies on these drives around the holidays to maintain an ample supply of food for the rest of the year.

She hopes this week's drive will help stockpile enough non-perishable food items to last the agency until March.

Strong says the stereotypical image of who is using the Food Bank is no longer accurate. She says while the amount of food given away has not changed, the people who are relying on it has. Strong says clients now consist primarily of the so-called "working poor," those who have jobs but are unable to pay their bills and have money left over for food.

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