Gillibrand Outlines First Year in Office

Oswego, NY – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wrapped up her 62 county tour across New York State. She is recapping her initiatives to help those who have the least and need the most.

"I've traveled across the state and the one complaint I've heard over and over again is from small business owners saying they cant get access to capital. There's no ability to get lending. They have had lines of credit for decades and it's just been cut off or they're being asked to pay interest rates that are far beyond their ability to pay," said Gillibrand.

The Senator said one of her main priorities is job creation, that two-thirds of all new jobs are created by small businesses.

In her efforts to address the issue she introduced legislation to cut taxes for businesses when they create jobs and increase access to taxes.

Gillibrand leads in a potential match up with former Tenn. Congressman Harold Ford Jr., according to a recent poll from Siena College.

Ford has yet to officially announce his candidacy.