Golisano Takes on Tribal Issues

Oneida, NY – Thomas Golisano won't be getting the endorsement of the Oneida Indian Nation.

The tribe is outraged by a campaign flyer being distributed by the Independence Party candidate for governor.

In the flyer, Golisano says he opposes the establishment of any tax-exempt, sovereign Indian nation.

Golisano also says he supports the landowners living in areas facing Native American land claim proceedings.

In addition, he makes a back-handed reference to ending native gaming in New York State.

The Oneida Nation has put out a statement decrying Golisano's flyer.

They say he is race-baiting and using scare tactics by claiming that tribes want to evict landowners in land claim cases and force those who stay to pay their property taxes.

An Oneida official says Golisano is dividing communities and appealing to fringe elements of the population.

They say Golisano lies about the tax exempt status of Native Americans and that no tribe wants to evict landowners in their claim area.