Gov. Paterson Dropping Out of Race for Governor

Albany, NY – New York's political world, was thrown into deeper chaos, as the
Associated Press reported, using sources in Washington, that the
beleaguered Governor David Paterson would announce that he is
dropping out of the race for governor.

Governor Paterson's campaign was already on life support, he was
suffering from chronically low poll numbers, a shortage of campaign
cash, and a lack of backing from fellow Democrats. Now Paterson seems
poised to pull the plug. Furor has been growing over a New York
Times story that said the governor may have meddled in a domestic
violence case against a top Paterson aid.

Once Paterson is no longer running for governor, he could have an
even harder time winning approval from the legislature to close a
looming multi billion dollar budget gap. The spending plan is due at
the end of March.

The governor is not likely to resign at this time. But Attorney
General Andrew Cuomo, a potential political rival, is conducting a
criminal investigation into the circumstances of the domestic
violence case, and if the probe finds any wrong doing, Paterson's
plans to remain in office may have to change.