Governor Cuomo: Minimum wage increase still a possibility

Apr 5, 2012

Some New York State lawmakers are trying to reinvigorate the debate over the minimum wage. Governor Cuomo admits it could again be on the table in Albany.

The proposal from some downstate lawmakers would raise the minimum wage form 7.25 to 8.50 an hour. Governor Cuomo, in Syracuse yesterday, said he has supported some plans to raise the minimum wage in the past. But in Albany right now, the State Senate and Assembly are at odds over the issue. Cuomo says it’s too soon to tell whether this latest push will be successful.

“You know, the Senate is basically opposed, the Assembly is basically in favor. The question is going to be is there a compromise in there somewhere and we will find that over the next few weeks,” Cuomo said.

The Senate opposes the move, contending it will hurt small business. Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver is one sponsor of the plan and calls it one of his top priorities this legislative session. Lawmakers supporting the move unveiled a study over the weekend that shows a higher minimum wage would boost the state’s economy to the tune of $600 million.