Hanna and Lamb crisscross the 22nd in a last push for votes

Nov 6, 2012

Congressman Richard Hanna and his opponent Dan Lamb spent election day crisscrossing the 22nd congressional district today asking constituents for their votes.

Republican incumbent Hanna says he's glad he has a record to run on as he seeks re-election. He is seeking his second term in a district which stretches from Utica to Binghamton.

At a stop at a diner in Rome today, Hanna told WRVO he's proud of his first term record.

"There's always more you can do and I'm looking forward to doing more," Hanna said.

He remarked that he's the same guy as last time, that people can look at his record and see that.

Hanna says he didn't mind his race being slightly overshadowed by the Ann Marie Buerkle-Dan Maffei showdown one district over.

Earlier in the week Lamb said one of his biggest challenges this campaign was making sure voters know whether or not they are in this newly drawn district.

"I want to make sure that if there are undecided folks out there that I reach them," Lamb said. "But also just to do the public service- making sure people understand what this new district is about and why I think I'm the best candidate to represent it."

Hanna will be watching election night returns in Utica while Dan Lamb will be in Binghamton.