Headed to the airport this Thanksgiving? Arrive early

Nov 22, 2017

The busiest travel days of the year fall on either side of Thanksgiving at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport. And officials admit things could be a little more complicated this year because of a nearly $50 million renovation project.

The front of the airport is lined with construction equipment instead of taxis and cars picking up passengers. Not only that, but there are some newly implemented TSA screening procedures at the checkpoint. So Airport Director Christina Callahan says the best advice for travelers, is don’t be late.

“It’d be great if people could arrive at least two hours before their flight,” said Callahan. “I know that seems like a lot of time, but given the changes in the traffic pattern, and given the enhanced screening that’s taking place at the checkpoint, we just want to make sure people have plenty of time to get here, check in, check their bag and go through security, and not feel any additional stress than they already are feeling.”

Credit AAA

The airport is undergoing a major consecution project that’s impacting the traffic pattern and entry points to the terminal.  And Callahan notes that often time many holiday travelers are not frequent travelers and may not be familiar with the security changes. 

“It is important for everyone to, at a minimum, visit our website. Check on the status of the flight, whether you’re picking someone up or flying yourself. Look at the map that shows the drop off and pick up point at various airlines. Visit the TSA website. If someone’s traveling with pumpkin pie, what should they know before they travel.”

According to AAA, nearly 51 million Americans will travel this Thanksgiving, a more than 3 percent increase over last year.