High School Students Organize Governor Debate

10/20/10 – Despite reports that Monday night's gubernatorial debate was the only scheduled debate, there is in fact another debate planned for next week, right here in Central New York.

As WRVO's Joyce Gramza reports, students at Nottingham High School are still hoping the major party candidates will show up in their school auditorium on Monday evening.

Three minor party candidates have agreed to debate New York's energy future, particularly the issue of natural gas drilling by hydraulic fracturing in the marcellus shale.

But the students are still awaiting answers from the two major party candidates for governor, Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino.

Nottingham junior Leyana Dessauer says energy is the state's most important environmental issue; one that will most impact young people.

She feels the candidates have been able to "brush off" the issue with simple statements, but citizens really need to hear an informed debate on the pros and cons.

Dessauer says no matter that she's only 16 the next governor's policies will affect all citizens, not only those of voting age.

The two-hour debate is scheduled for 7p.m. Monday, october 25th.