Joanie Mahoney Delivers Good News and Bad about Onondaga County Jobs

Oswego, NY – Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney delivered good news and bad news during her State Of The County Address last night at Onondaga Community College.

She said if the economy does not rapidly improve, the county will likely have to make more job cuts to balance next year's budget.

Mahoney said the county balanced this year's budget through strict cutbacks, which included hiring freezes, limited travel and reduced supply orders.

Mahoney asked union representatives to help her get through the difficult year.

"No one said these decisions would be easy and it's unfortunate that our employees are being asked to share the pain," said Mahoney.

As a result, Onondaga County has maintained a high credit rating. Mahoney said a credit rating downgrade would have cost taxpayers more money.